Sunday, August 4, 2013

Staples. That WAS easy!

So you want to talk about printers? Let me tell you first hand. I have some experience. 

I tend to be the type that labors over the Internet until 2am for at least 3 days utilizing Google, Amazon reviews, and any sort of information I can get from real first hand owners before making a large purchase like a vacuum, or a new printer, for example.

A few years back I spent painstaking days selecting my new printer and when the cartridge ran out, I trotted on over to Office Max  & bought the printer brand, correct cartridge. Brought it home, my engineer husband installed it & can you guess what happened?

We got an error message. To make a long story short, the printer did not read the cartridge, it gave us a ink error. We bought new cartridges, same thing. I spent 2 hours on the internet & their 1-800 line only to be told that the cartridge essentially broke our entire printer, there was NO fix for it but HEY, they would give us a deal on a new one. I asked them to note my file, the price, etc & I would call back after discussing this with my spouse. Called back 15 minutes later only to be denied the free shipping, and got the new version of the same printer sent over.

It tends to be finicky, and quite frankly, I have a grudge against it. 

When Staples told me they liked my review style ( Yay me!) and asked if I was interested in reviewing for them I jumped & immediately knew I wanted to check out these laser printers they now have.
I selected the hp LASERJET PRO 200.

My reasoning?

-The reviews were high. 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 50 people reviewing on Staples website. It wasn't a $2500 product, nor was it at the bottom of the price selection. It was a nice median that a typical family, like myself, could afford on their regular budget when needing to buy a new printer for their home use.
-It is laser! No more rifling through ink cartridges to find your color coded, dot/button/letter/number coded match only to have them error on you.
-They say they are fast & more cost efficient than a ink printer. We print a good deal with a 5 & 7 year old. Between sports releases, coloring pages, copies of SSN/Birth certificates, school registration & so on & so forth, we do a good bit of  waiting for our printer to "spit" out our pages. I thought it sounded pretty good to cut back some of that wait time.

So what did I think?

I think I made a pretty good choice if I do say so myself.

-The time is definitely shorter between pages. It doesn't "spit them out" like our prior printer did.

-Sometimes when I would print on textured paper ( say, for scrap booking) it would give me a bit of what I referred to as "thick spots" and I haven't seen that with the LaserJet.
Think using a paint marker vs a ball point pen. When you are doing crafts, that is a pretty important feature!

-Speed, accuracy &precision would be the 3 words I choose to describe the difference between a laser printer &  a ink printer.\

-However what really takes the cake is the picture printing. Holy moly. Beautiful isn't a good enough word. The images are bright, defined, vibrant & printed in record time. They literally look like images from a glossy paged book.

I can not tell you how happy I am with this printer. I expect it to last MUCH longer than the previous 4 we have been through in our married 7 years, and to also endure the time with the same accuracy & definition as the  very first print.

I strongly recommend that you check out Staples, and their line of laser printers, especially, when you are shopping for office gear. Honestly, it really is THAT easy.

Full disclosure: Staples provided me with the HP Printer for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and no other compensation was received.

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