Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Been AWHILE!

Remember me?
I remember you.((creeper tunes!!))

I got a little burnt out a few years back.. I mean, come on. a 79 cent Vaseline jar for a 2 hour review?


But, life has changed. I am in a new place
Literally, we bought a home! We live in a small village ( think dry/no booze, Mennonites, the whole shenanigan)
The Man graduated with his ME, and has a good job.
Thing 1 & 2 are in school ( headed to 1st & a 5 pre K program) and I am just in a different place than I was before in many aspects

My dog has to be put to sleep this last Fall.I am still very heart broken over this. I know many of you know just how much I loved her & it still pains me to think of the loss of her.

Saying goodbye to my Echo

We now have a ball of disaster, Charlie, who we adopted from the local Kill/Dog Warden.

Charlie Barley!!!!

Let me tell you.. going from a 7 lb dog, to a 50+ lb dog. I do not recommend this. I do not.
Not not not.

We still have Fluffy. She came from the old house to the new one. Now she spends her days bring me baby rabbits, voles ( not moles, Voles!!!!) and other delightful gutted rodents whole trolling the country side for pals.

I have taken a notion to Gel/Shellac nails in my past time & am looking at becoming a nail technician with a expertise in design & detail (aka, I am totally good on doing pedicure because toes FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT so I need a niche) and going back to work in 2014 when both boys are in full time elementary ( yikes!!!!!) 

Here are the boys & I just yesterday,

Ryan(5) and I

Andy (7) & I checking those new SPECS he's got!!!

So there is it. Just checking in to say Hiya! as I start the blog back up. Let me know how YOU have been & if there is anything you'd like to see on here from me!

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