Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Today I am thankful for weather & seasons.
Quite frankly, one year living in South West Florida was more than enough for me.
When October hits I need yellow trees & leaves & the smell of Fall in the air. I even LIKE raking, I like leaf blowing too, but I actually LIKE to rake through all the leaves, making paths on the ground & piles to jump into!
I like pumpkin patches & apple cider. I like most everything that comes with Fall. Boots, hats, still enjoying the outside with out it being bitter cold yet it feeling good to get in a warm house! 
It is a windy day today & we are almost done losing the leaves from our huge trees for the first Fall in our new house. I am delighted to just stay home on a rainy day & secretly enjoy the inside day the weather is giving us, with the wind blowing wind chimes I can hear through the door & deep breathes of the crisp air when I step outside.
Yep. I'm thankful for seasons, especially Fall!

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