Monday, September 12, 2011

This little piggie went to Market

Since we have moved we have a delightful Market to shop at. I could rave about it for hours. 3 lbs of fresh green beans for $2, $8 for 30+ peaches, fresh meats for well below grocery store shopping straight from the farm. Oh, it is delightfulness in a yummy smelling bunch!

After I bought 8 lbs of peaches I decided to try a peach crisp. I mangled together my own recipe & since no one else ate I am admit, I ate it ALL myself. No shame here!

This week I bought a basket of pears for $2 and while bulk fresh buying is great, because the produce lacks preservatives & waxy sprays things DO go bad quicker.

I was tipped off to Giadas poached pears tonight & am fairly sure I will be making this in the next day or so for either desert,breakfast, or quite frankly, my own gluttonous delight.

What is your favorite baked fruit desert, or baked item???

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  1. I'm jealous! Our Farmers Market kinda sucks. I get better deals in the grocery store and that's so sad considering we're not far from Amish country.

    As soon as I notice my fruit is getting soft I chop it up and freeze it for baking and smoothies...smoothies are pretty much the only way I can get the girls to eat any fruit but apples and bananas (well, and Ava likes strawberries, but Charlotte will only have them in smoothies).

    I can't think of a favorite baked item... toss up at the moment between banana and pumpkin bread/muffins.

    -DanielleCorrelle...who Google hates and won't let post comments logged in lately.

  2. Wow, it all sounds delicious. I think baked pears are scrumptious.


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