Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slatkin Candles team with Bath & Body Works

I am a huge candle fanatic, anything to make my house smell unlike dog & crumbs is peachy with me considering I have 2 little boys & a host of crazy pets!

Slatkin candles, the delightful bunch from Bath & Body works ran a contest to turn a prized dessert recipes into  fragrance expert Harry Slatkin's newest Holiday Gourmand Candles for this 2011 Holiday Season. 
Three finalists, out of over 3,000 were selected with their cooking creations which were
  • Tim Ong of Houston, Texas with Strawberry Pistachio Delight
  • Mary Shivers of Ada, Oklahoma with Tropical Tangerine Cake
  • Naylet La Rochelle of Miami, Florida with Maple Sticky Toffee Pudding
The grand prize winner will be flown to NYC to witness their dessert being transformed into the candle & actually watch the process happen before their eyes. Totally awesome. 

You can vote for your favorite to help decide the winner. Personally, I voted for the tangerine cake, myself. It just sounds fresh & delightful, and like something I'd actually eat, and enjoy in a candle as well. 

Plus, when you vote, you are entered to win candles for an entire year! ((Swoon))  

I was graciously sent a mint chocolate chip candle to check out myself & I believe Andy's comments  (((sniff)) "Yuuhhhhmm.. that smells like CHOCOLATE!!!!"  best sum it up! Over 2 rooms were filled with scent from one small candle, which lets face it, had me craving some green mint chocolate chip ice cream!  (Be honest, you know the white kind doesn't taste as good as the green, it's just a fact!!!)

Ahhhhhh. It is like a window into my soul of favorites, because anyone who knows me knows not only do I love house smell goods, but I LOVE green mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!
Do you think I could lose a few pounds by huffing the candle instead of eating the real thing??

..Something to consider...

So GO! What are you waiting for?? Vote for your favorite with just a few clicks & be entered to win your own massive candle supply. I know I am crossing fingers & toes hoping to be a winner, so wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you to enter after all..  ;-) 

I kid I kid, go vote for one of these yummy recipes, and maybe even try out the real deal in your kitchen!! Then head on over to Bath & Body Works & grab yourself a drool worthy candle to soothe your candle needs until the contest is drawn, and keep those fingers crossed in the mean time!!

Which of the three finalists will you be voting for??

Big thank you to the wonderful PR girls who sent me over this drool worthy candle, and their delightful voice in their cheerful  phone calls to inform me of this great contest that is going on.
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