Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sew buttons on your underwear.

So, yes, the domain is currently down. I'm in transition & hoping it will be ready & switched over soon, I'm just waiting on someone & then I should be back up & running on my usual URL just with a new design & layout from the Wordpress one.
Wordpress? I'm over you.

So whats new? You ask? Well lets see.

The Man graduated with his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering earlier this month.

The Man walking the stage!

All went well, except for the fact that no one told him he could get a Veterans rope. To say he was upset might be an understatement. Seating was first come first serve & we spent a good 3 hours on the third level of a very steep seating arrangement which gave me some nasty vertigo. It was all worth it to see him walk across the stage. I teared up, his best friend flew in & was grinning from ear to ear, and The Mans mother was there too! She sighed & said "Shew, I just realized I wasn't breathing, and I was sweating! Now I feel like I could take a nap!" as every ones emotions & adrenaline rushed out once he resumed his seat.

We had a nice visit with friends & family  & then 2 days later he started his new job. He is loving it so far, which makes me happy to see him happy. We've been adjusting ourselves into a new routine, having been spoiled by the last 4 years of him being home much of the time, but it's going well for all four of us, thankfully! 

Andy is wrapping up his first year of preschool in a few short weeks & then it's on to Summer vacation!

We are in the process of preparing ourselves to buy our first house. Very exciting stuff.

Ryan is potty training himself, very impressive if I do say so myself.

I'm just bumbling around making up for the lack of husband with things like chores, which quite frankly, doesn't rock, but needs to be done.

So, that's that. I have some reviews & giveaways coming up once the site is done, hopefully you guys will tune in for them, if anyone is still out there!

Until then..

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