Friday, January 7, 2011

No nose blows.

Literally & figuratively, that is.

Today I had my first appointment with an ENT surgeon. It turns out the left side of my nose has developed scar tissue which has adhered to another part of my nose. In the process it has closed off part of the nasal passage. Coincidentally, the left side is the one I have the most trouble with,ya know, breathing & all that crazy stuff.

My septum is in fact deviated, however it is rather high up, and I am scheduled for a cat scan to show the areas an in office camera couldn't reach.

Yeah,totally  got to see the inside of my nose. It's super pink.

I'll have a cat scan & a full allergy panel run with in the next 2 weeks & then return to discuss the results & the course of treatment and or surgical options.

I'm excited. Two hours of itchy little needles poking into my arms sounds FABULOUS. Haven't had that one done since I was a kid. Yay for irritating unscratchable  pain!

I'm glad we at least have a handle on whats going on. Feeling like crap from sinuses for an entire year hasn't been fun, so knowing a bit more about what is causing my side effects & that we are working to fix them is a bit of a relief.

However, the most informative part of the consult was a question I had to ask for my good friend, Cheeseboy.

I asked "for a friend" of course, if there are any reasons why one should not wax their nose.

Cheeseboy, are you listening?

The real concern with nasal waxing would be infection.(if your nose bleeds afterwords, or any bacteria gets up there in the healing process, etc)

If an infection starts in your nasal cavity it would travel directly back, to your brain. The veins in your nasal/brain area are valve less, so there is no way for your body/system to stop that infection from passing direction through your blood to your brain.

In fact, popping zits on your nose, he said can have the same effect, infection travels through the nasal cavity right to the brain.

How big of a bitch would it be to die because of a zit?


But there you have it!

Cheeseboy, I assume there will be no more nasal waxing from you.

I also assure you, if any sort of chisel is taken to my nose, that I will fully document it in all its bloody painful glory for my blog.

You are welcome ahead of time.


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