Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guess what?

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How I met your father. Don't listen in, my innocent children.

Before I met Mike, I was a serial monogomist. AKA.. I was never single for long before a new boyfriend popped up.

I don't talk about Mike much, or my personal life, anymore, in depth. but I feel like changing that today.

This picture is of Mike & I, at a friends house, on my 21st birthday. I had gotten out of the hospital, from a 2 day stay about 24 hours before this picture. People were coming out to the the show, playing at the bar, I worked at. Since I had been ill, we just swang out for a bit & then hung out with some friends.

I met Mike during a weird stage of life. I was 20 years old, and had been a bad relationship for almost 2 years. I'm talking the type of bad that involves alot of snowy white nose candy, money, and pain.
Like "I'm going to pick a fight with you & stop talking to you  because I'm going to dissapear for a week while I do drugs & probably fuck hookers. So mean things mean things mean things ..Ok..I can pretend I'm single .. but..will you pick me up at the airport when I get home??" type of pain.

I was working at a bar. I hadn't been working, for quite some time & I KNEW how bad this relationship was for me. Like most abusive ( of any form) relationships I just couldnt seem to get out of it. I figured, a job would give me a requirement, to be away from him until I was ready & strong enough to make the break for myself.
Which it was. As the story inevitably shows.

My ex would say he'd swing in to see me & then never show up & dissapear for said week, as described above. I remember it was Friday, or Saturday night. Every time the door opened to the bar, I checked to see if it was him.
I had on a denim mini skirt, a cropped wrap around pink cashmere sweater over a tank top & furry boots.
Women's Bailey Button UGG Boots, CHESTNUT, Size 8I LOVE furry boots..
They are truly the best thing about Winter...
And pairing them with mini skirts & leg warmers, is still a DO in my book, but only if done right, of course.

Jefferies Socks Girls 2 Pack Legwarmer/ Footless Tight Combination,Purple, Pink,4-6Mossimo Dark Indigo BG Denim Skirt - XSPeace Colorful Viscose Scarf , PinkRebecca Taylor Wrap Cardigan in Oyster
It was the middle of December.
Every time the door opened I sighed, because it wasn't my douche bag, and then, as I leaned against the counter, the door opened, I turned to see who was walking in next.. annnnddd I saw him.

He was wearing jeans & a light blue sweater. A light brown coat. And I thought "daaayyyuummm"
Then I went back to work.
I remember, it was a busy evening.
Finally, amidst doing shots, waiting tables, taking orders & charming everyone I could, I found myself taking a quick break to sit with my friends, who were drinking in the corner of the bar.
Someone said "Oh hey, introduce her to Mike" and I was introduced to the cute guy I'd seen walk in the door.
He shook my hand & went back to playing his pinball game with someone else.
I was shocked, no one DIDNT talk to me.
I was rediculously hot, ok??

((((hair flip))))

Someone said "He's going to Akron soon, you oughta hook him up with one of your friends" and I remember, I felt it.
That twingey feeling your heart gets, when you are stricken with jealousy.
I still feel it, right now, in my chest just thinking about the moment.
Why the hell was I so jealous & concerned over this random guy I didn't even know??
I HAD a boyfriend!!!

That night was so busy at the bar, before I knew it, I looked over & everyone had left, moved on in the bar crawl of the night.

Fast forward one crappy week later, I'm crying to my friend, who was bartending at work, as I drove in to bitch & complain how douche bag & I just broke up. I plopped down & started a pout as she slipped me some liquour in my soda & relaxed.
Then I looked to my left.

Annnddd I saw him!! Again. Mr. Handsome from the night before. I'd be lying if I said that I didnt put on some lip gloss, perk up & forget about whatshisface who had me so upset to begin with.
 What can I say, I can get over things, and people, quickly, if I want!!

You could say the rest is history, from there.

But oh... an interesting, bumpy, CRAZY, hysterical, learning & fun history it has been!!!

Maybe I'll save the rest for another time, if anyone is interested in what happened next, that is!!!



How I met your father. Don't listen in, my innocent children.

Before I met Mike, I was a serial monogomist. AKA.. I was never single for long before a new boyfriend popped up.

I don't talk about Mike much, or my personal life, anymore, in depth. but I feel like changing that today.

Friday, February 26, 2010

If you'll all take a second to read this.

I just wanted to say thank you. To all my readers. Some of you I know & some of you I am getting to know. I'm excited every time someone posts  a comment, if you've posted a million before, or its your first one.
You all give me warm fuzzies, please, don't stop!!! ..Don't EVER stop!!!

((beliieeevviinnggg..hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeling!)))

Blogging is so much fun for me & I really doenjoy it (well, about 90% of the time, atleast!) & I appreciate each one of you stopping by, even if you don't leave a comment & letting me know your here.

I originally started this blog for fun & posted silly reviews I wrote up for humor alone.
Remember my hop balls post???
 Our Rody Pony actually got a leak, with in 6 months, they have a 1 year guarantee but I never did anything about it.I'm thinking about contacting them now. That could be a fun  R&G!!

I've been lucky enough to learn alot, from Trisha, at Momdot in this last year & wow, has my blog changed.

I appreciate each of you who stick by & read me, even when I get all anti social & weird & don't post for a week or so.

I've tried some amazing products & now, I'm having the opportunity to do some fun new stuff on my blog,.
As you all know, Mike is a college student, I'm a stay at home mom. I dont often talk about finances, or our "life" in a really personal tone. However, we are at that time in our life, trying to finish school & become "adults" as I say, that any way of bringing in, some income REALLY helps. I'm not frugal & green because its cool, people. It's because I need to be cheap & smart with our finances!!

I've learned, from Trisha, that yes. You CAN make $50 in a day by blogging.
As much time as I spend, in reviewing products, writing about them, maintaining my website & slacking off looking for weird pictures. It's like, at the least, a part time job for me.
I'm by no means a "big blogger"
No one "knows of me" in the blog world.
But! I do love what I do here, no matter how many people know me, or read me. I just enjoy doing this.

So, I'm excited to have been accepted into some awesome blog programs, networks & groups & I hope you'll all take a second to check them out, for me!

I won't sell out, and write about something absolutely stupid & pointless, well, other than my own thoughts, of course.
I'll always try to keep relevant & only blog about things I would be blogging about anyway...
Unless there is potentially the chance to make some mad money from writing about something like enemas, or fiber supplements (although, not likely together) Then I will totally blog about that shit & nag you to read it.

I hope you'll take a second to check out the links that are new on my page.

I've been accepted into an awesome mom blogger network, Juice Box Jungle, which you can see, right over there ------->
They have hilarious videos, places to read blogs, talk with other moms & take funny quizzes.
They are just as funny & up front as I am & I LOVE that about Juice Box Jungle!!
If your a mom blogger, or just a mom. You should definitely check JBJ out.

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Yes. It's for real. You CAN make money using Twitter while promoting some awesome causes, companies, organizations & events.
I also have a cute little icon, over to the right. For companies to use, so PR folks, feel free to check it out. If I've worked with you before, or not,It's a great tool for tweeter's and PR to both look into.

Like I said, I won't steer you wrong.. Unless they pay me MAJOR cash.. then it's all anal-gese cream write ups for you people to read.And I wont even be sorry..

I've finally found my medium of taking on reviews & projects, while still being able to post about what I started my blog for, me, my life & my thoughts!
I officially feel like I am "here" in blogging.
I am exactly where I want to be with my blog, for now & I am excited to be here!!!



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chuck & the AIDS

Remember Chuck?? Well, she's got The HIV ( pronounce "hivv"). As you may recall.

Right now, she's on her way to the Kitty Clinic.
Last time she was there,

was for her abortion.
((head shake))

I hope it won't be emotional going back, for her.

She seems to be sick. She's lost weight, isnt seeming to eat much, and just isn't happy, her usually whorish self no longer looks for attention, or plays with toys.
So, we're getting her checked out.
Although, because she's a cat, which automatically makes her part asshole as well, nothing will be wrong with her & we'll just be out some cash.

But seriously,I hope her AIDS hasn't flared up, she may kind of be an annoying whore, but I do like her.

So.. Kitty prayers for you Chunkles!!!

-3:57 pm
I'm actually so shocked right now, I dont know what to say. The doctor just asked to put her down, today.
She's coming home, so we can make her comfortable & talk about what we want to do.
I thought Mike was kidding, we just hung up.

Well... this sucks.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



Mike got his tattoo!!

Mike got his tattoo last Thursday. After fucking Larry canceled, he was able to squeeze Mike in Thursday night.I was able to have my mom come watch the kids, so I could go catch at least half of it being done.
All my tat's are on my back, so I've never actually watched much of it being done in person, much less up super close. I have to say, the blood pin poking through the skin is my favorite part. I got all excited just watching it & I cant WAIT until I can get my new one done, myself!!!

. I have to share the awesome things that happened while I watched..

I of course, bothered fucking Larry with questions because, well, I'm nosy.

Cryo-cell cord blood banking & Hope for Haiti

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Cryo-Cell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

As everyone knows, Haiti has suffered a terrible tragedy.Companies, celebrities & moms like you, and I are all doing what we can to help. Cyro-cell International, which I guarentee every mother knows about ( and likely, looked into during pregnancy at one point, or another!) is doing what they can do, to help give Hope to Haiti, also.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm all Homer Simpson over here.

 Whimsical Fuckery

To be honest, I've just really wanted to make that the title of a post, for awhile now.
Nothing more, nothing less.
However, apparently today I am feeling all nicey nice & won't put the F word in my title.
Your welcome.

I seem to find that lately,I have lots to say, yet nothing at all.

Expect madness.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oink.Pink.(I typed it, can't take it back!)

Me- ((squinty eye at a pork chop)) "Is pork the same thing as ham??"

Mike- "Yep"

Me- "Just checking!"

On that note.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Talk Six

“6 things you would rather do yourself, even if you could pay someone else to do them.”

1-Care for my kiddos. If I had millions & zillions of dollars, I still wouldn't want a nanny, or in home baby help. I'll leave it at that.

2- Clean "my" stuff. I'm ok with someone cleaning my bathroom, and floors, etc but the organizing, going beyond that type.. I'm not cool with. It's mine, go away.

3-Put away clothes.  I have a system.

4- Clothes shopping.

5- Gift shopping. I like buying for people =)

6-Yard work. I even asked Mike to be the one who cleaned the gutters last year. There is something rewarding about doing yard work, and looking at a nice garden, or lawn, and knowing your efforts did it.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby's getting a face lift!

So, remember when I was messing around, trying to figure out how to make my own blog header?

Yeah, well. I suck & can't.

This little engine can't can't can't.

However, Stitchblade Designs can.

And is!

I'm really excited. I am pretty confident she is going to do something that is exactly what I want,and need to express myself with my banner. From her past work,which you can check out here (how much do you love The Review Broads & Womb at the Innsane banners she did!?!)  I think she has the right mind set to "get me" while putting it to an image.

So, are you excited?? Can you hardly wait to see whats in store??

I know!! Me toooo!!! I hope none of you with the weak bladders pee yourself in anticipation! (yes, I know about you.)



Save 20% at Philosophy, for a limited time!

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For those of you who havent used a Philosophy product, this is the perfect chance!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was recently reading on Facebook, a friend who is having a big of trouble with some of the students in her child's classroom. The discussion, about how due to the No Child Left Behind Law, sometimes, children who might not be best placed in certain classrooms, are there anyway, despite the troubles they cause for other students.

Man.. I am not excited for my kids to go to school.
Public, private, home schooling, it's all out there & there is so much to delve into, it's almost scary.
I feel like I just got out of school, and before too long I'll be struggling helping my kids with their own school work.
Math and I do NOT get a long.
At all.
That will be what Mike is for!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A name is a name is a name.

Ya know what???

My name is stupid.

And, I wish for once in my life, that when I got those free address labels that your supposed to send charity money back in ( I will, when my husband has a job, sorry people) would actually have my CORRECT name on it.

Let me explain it to you.

Apparently when I was born, my mom named me Rachel Claire.

wordless wednesday..


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New tunes, with Allstar Weekend

 I've had the chance to mention a few  great up & coming artists to you before and today I wanted to mention someone new.

Since a press release can say it better than me, here is some info about Allstar Weekend.

Check them out on Youtube, here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Because I love one (or 2) liners...

 I wanted to steal what I am in my head referring to now as "the Asshole button" from the Blogess, and say..

I hope to be the type of asshole that just keeps giving. Never taking, but always giving.



Activeion WINNER!

Are you ready for my Activeion WINNER!

 mama of 4 said... 42
following you on twitter :

Congratulations Beth!!!!! I'll be in touch with you soon!

Thank you SO much to Activeion for the great review & giveaway