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My dad is a poet, so to say I grew up in the "art world" is an understatement. I often joke that I grew up in bookstores instead of playgrounds & attended food tasting sit down dinners instead of BBQs. It's actually the truth, and because of it I've always had a thing for art,cultural artwork, unique gifts & what I like to refer to as all around "artsy fartsy stuff."

When NOVICA contacted me to ask if I was interested in a review I was like "Um.. hello. I think I have just been waiting for you my WHOLE life!'

You see, NOVICA is in association with National Geographic, it is a site that has everything from sculptures, to jewelry, clothing, green gifts, and unique hand crafted pieces of every art form from all over the globe & are all around amazing items.

Sitting down to browse the NOVICA fair trade corporate gift selection I was basically in heaven. I spent hours browsing the site, as I am sure you will too.

One artist I was really drawn to. This piece in particular kept reeling me in.

Then I read the artist bio:

"My name is Luh Mas Sri Pertamiari and I was born on December 13, 1973. My village has been renowned as a woodcarving center in Bali for many years. We may be familiar because of the men carvers, however the fantastic thing is that almost 90 percent of the women know how to carve. From a young age, boys and girls are introduced to carving.

"When I was a child, together with my two brothers, we learned wood carving, painting and sanding.

"When I graduated from senior high school I worked in tourism, however, after I married Made Sanjaya he asked me to quit my job and take care of our children at home. I'm an active kind of woman, and totally stopping my activities to stay home was driving me crazy! For that reason I started to do some carvings at home, and opened a small workshop near my house for people to see and appreciate my carvings."

This right here, is all the proof I need that stay at home moms, all over the World equally get bored & tired of doing nothing but taking care of kids, husbands & the house.

Am I right ladies??

I ultimately chose this ring because I have a thing for citrine, and I have been meaning to spoil myself with a cocktail ring, this Summer.
It showed up in a beautiful little box:
And I think it looks quite fabulous, if I do say so myself.
(I can't take normal pictures of myself. Sorry.)
I think it is stunning. The gemstones are large & nicely cut. The ring is smooth, so while the petals are larger, it doesnt catch on hair or clothing like some large rings tend to. It is truly gorgeous & will be a treasured piece in my collection.

One of the coolest things is that my item came with a handwritten(and translated) postcard directly from the artist. That's kinda cool.

An artist bio comes included with your items, which is pretty neat. I will be using NOVICA for holiday & birthday gifts for years to come.

There is nothing like unique gifts, I think, and to receive a gift handcrafted from an artist complete with their information, about their location & to find out more about their culture all in one is pretty unique, and spectacular, if I do say so myself.

If you are looking for gifts, or starting holiday shopping early, or just want to buy yourself something awesome, check out NOVICA.

You can also follow them on Facebook, I do & they post some awesome links & information as well as being a great way to keep up on sales & good deals going on.

What do you see on the NOVICA site that you like?

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