Thursday, July 8, 2010

This montage is for the birds.

Like my little play on words?

Really. This montage is for the birds.. you know, those cute little baby birds I posted pictures of before? It's for them. Where ever they are.. this one is for you babies!!!

I saw Scary Mommy had a post about her crazy far better than my bird experience, this morning & remembered I hadn't finished up putting together the footage I got of the baby birds from our apple tree.

We all know I love a good montage. Its been far too long.

You're welcome ahead of time for my music choice.
Now, I'm going to go back to gagging & coughing while trying to attempt to take the kids out side. Because they both seem to be fine, but now I'm sick.

You know, that stage of feeling like crap, but also having just had a long week,where you might get sick, or you might not.. my throat hurts, my ear feels a little weird, my sinuses are acting up, damn allergies & I'm mostly just tired from staying up too late being a mother, the sick kids, etc. This happens every so often & if I get a good big sleep in ( we're talking noon here.. hint hint!) this weekend, I'll be fine, until then I just feel like crap.

Or maybe I am just actually sick. That makes more sense, and explains some stuff.

How the hell do people get sick in the Summer?

It drives me bonkers.


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