Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ohh Skinamax!

Cinamax. I remember it being called Skinamax, as a kid, the channel the kids whispered about, did you get it?

Did your parents?

Could you see it?

Kids are nosy.

I was.

Hell,have you met me?? I still am.

You know, those weeks when you'd get it for free & watch all the cool shows, like Disney in the morning, & the movies..yeaahh Skinamax baby.
The Man & I have been bitching about our cable bill as they ass rape us every month, but we love our HBO Package.

HBO, Showtime, Cinamax & on demand of all for $12 a month. Considering we see a movie in a theater about 2 times a year, it's a good deal for us, because once the kids go to bed we sit down & watch a movie, or a TV show, or whatever together.

We finished "Yes Man" tonight & I got up to go to the kitchen to cut up some strawberries for a snack. When I came back the TV was on something or other Marky Mark looking all 80's with long hair, which means it could either be from the 80's or from now, and either way, I am just not feeling all funky bunch tonight, aight? so I was like "Oh fuck this, you're not serious!"

Then I was like "..wait.. is this the one where they show his cock at the end???"

The Man- "..I don't know.. do they???"

Me- ((squinty eye)) "Maybe...Are we watching this??"

So the Man gives over RockStar, or something I think it was & I'm like "Wait, is this on Cinamax?" I figure out where I am on the TV guide..

"Yeah..." he kind of hangs his head.

Me- ((cocky eyebrow raise)) Skinamax, eh? ((eyebrow wiggle)) What the fuck??

The Man-"What is that??? I just feel guilty for even having been on the channel! Fucking Skinamax"

I'm telling you. It's like,things like Cinamax, Taco Bell, LOL Catz & Bret Michaels all just radiate in a brilliant group of things to make you feel guilty, dirty or gross even participating in liking or thinking about ...... no matter how much you truly love those dirty bad things.

Rawr. Sorry bandanna man, but I hope Bret never finds love, and will agree to come back year after year after year...

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