Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Products to Always buy Generic

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Today I get to talk to you guys about this article 10 Products to Always Buy Generic

I am all for buying generic when I can,however I can't lie, there are things that I routinely do prefer to be certian Brand names, but I do have my own favorite generics.

Here are the 10 that the article recommends that you always buy generic.

1. Over-the-counter medications.
2. Cereal.
3. Pantry staples.
 4. Soda.
5. Gasoline.
6. Electronic cables.
7. Makeup and other beauty products. 
8. Batteries.
9. Salad mix and produce.
10. Baby formula 

Do you guy any of these generic? Or will you after reading this?

I buy Target brand over the counter medications like Aspirin,Acetaminophen, vitamins & have been pleased with that choice, as over the last 4 years since having children, Tylonal has recalled childrens medication several times, I've been lucky to check my medicaine cabinet each time to find that buying generic saved me from the hassle & safety measures involved in a medication recall. That's a perk!

I do buy generic pantry staples, like flour & sugar for the basics, but I also prefer a broader selection ( bread flour, whole wheat flour, etc) which often leads me to brands names.

I don't drink soda, do no on that one.

Makeup, heck yes. I am a makeup snob but some of my favorites staples over the years have been cheapie drug store brands.

I'm not exactly sure where I can go to buy generic gas,I occasionally fill up at BJs, but since our grocery stores all do fuel rewards it's benificial for me to buy their generic brand & then save on gas that way. I need to look a bit more into that one, but if I could, heck yes I would go all sorts of generic on gas!

I personally do disagree with several items on this list, for me, they do make a noticeable difference, like batteries ( My grandfather is the former VP of Duracell, sorry) and bagged lettuce. I'm pretty picky about that one as I'm a salad freak.

Although I didn't use infant forumla,, there are perks tobuying that generic as well, check out the comparison to store brand formula and see what you think, could buying generic be a better choice for you, or your baby in terms of formula?

Are there any items on this list you disagree with?

What brand name do you prefer to the generic on the list?

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  1. I agree with you on batteries, but not for the same reason. I figure you have to buy twice as many of the generics if they last half as long (even at 60% off). Then they ALL go in a landfill!! I say buy rechargeable in that department :)


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