Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swiss Army & Fathers Day

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fathers Day is coming up this weekend, as hopefully we all know. In honor of Fathers Day, Swiss Army is asking for father stories. I in fact, have a very special one that involves a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, if you believe it or not. Here is my sweet story, hopefully you will share your own after you read mine &check out the great products that Swiss Army has to offer!

Before Andy was born, I wanted to get a "birth" gift for Mike. You've heard of push gifts, well, his was a "go eat Taco Bell & watch SUV on the couch while I'm in pain" gift. I guess.
I chose a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, I picked through the dozens of them to find the perfect one. I had it engraved & suprised Mike with it after Andy was born.

Why did I pick a Victorinox Swiss Army knife? Mike has several very old ones that are special to him. He recalled the stories of them every time he saw the knife & I hoped, that with the birth of his own first son, that maybe someday he'd look at that knife & remember when it was given to him. Then when Andy gets old enough, Mike can tell Andy "the story" of how he received it & pass it to Andy, so that he too has a pocketknife that he remembers being given to him. Sort of a cycle. Mike uses it all the time, and it's still as good as new, 4 years later. I did the same with Ryan, only a different type of gift, as it was a different child & stage of our life.

Mike would love the new Dual Pro X

 I believe it has a different tools than the one I got him, and pocket knives are never too handy!

If you still need a Fathers Day idea that is timeless, classic & most of all, useful, definately check out the Dual Pro X for this, or others fathers day gifts.

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