Saturday, June 5, 2010

Car Seat Preachy Stuff

I am a self proclaimed safety nut. Especially when it comes to car seats. I remember being pregnant with Andy & learning that you aren't supposed to choose car seats just by the print they come in. I had no idea.

Evenflo and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored this post, and gave me an opening to talk about what child safety means to me and my family & I am grateful for the opportunity to do. I love sharing information that I am passionate about & I hope I don't sound preachy. I'd be crazy not to jump on this opportunity because it's something I'm passionate about, but this is also the type of thing that I don't go shouting from the roof tops here on my blog because I definately don't like reading, or writing preachy things, unless it's really good & I'm sure I'm 100% right..which I usually am. Chhaa!

I hope that you come away from this post with more information than you had coming in, which you can use in your daily life to protect the children in your life.

In the past 4 years, I've become a slight car seat geek. I've poked & prodded & tested, had a bunch of our own & discussed with car seat techs more car seats than I should with only 2 kids! I know the importance of keeping my children rear facing as long as possible, I am an advocate of car seat safety & the importance of a 5 point harness, and I also advocate extended rear facing. So many people are so excited to turn their child forward facing when they hit age one. Why?

"So they can see the world!" Is a common response.

I don't see how they can see the world, if God forbid, an accident happened and being rear facing could have saved their life. Brutal. I know. But it is truer than many people realize.

I always direct people to this video, when I discuss car seat safety with friends, or people who have prior asked my thoughts & opinions. It's a simple video that isn't graphic yet supplies basic facts that many actually do not know, and shows the benefits of rear facing.

And for those people who still don't get the message. This video really ought to do the trick.

I don't think anything speaks more clearly that the proof in those videos & the facts that anyone can inform themselves of.

Andy was rear facing until a little before he was three years old. Ryan was until he was about 15-ish months.. He was a tricky one, due to his massive size. The boys pediatrician always starts to ask about car seats & says "I have no idea what you'll do with them.." before she says "Oh thats right, you're the one with the great car seats & information! I wish more parents knew this stuff.." I know the facts & I am not afraid to speak up about them. This isn't some radical parenting choice, it is a life of death decision. You may feel confident in your own driving skills, but every time your on the road, everyone elses driving skills & judgment is a risk you take. I mean, simply driving a car, a daily action IS dangerous. Well, it CAN be. Hopefully it isn't, but it isn't something to take lightly when it comes to the protection you choose to give your children with car seats, booster seats & seat belt laws.

Know the laws. Check your states facts HERE.

Both boys are forward facing, in 5 point harnesses. How? With a good, quality, safe seat.

I bought the Evenflo Triumph, which I recommend to dozens of people, for our first car seat. It help both boys from the first time they rode in it til the day they grew out of it. It is a top safety rated car seat, the height & weight limitations are greater than many other seats on the market, which means one seat lasts longer, no buying 2 or more seats.

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents.

This post is sponsored by Evenflo and JuiceBoxJungle,written 100% by myself, in my own words. All opinions & statements are my own.


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