Sunday, June 13, 2010

The A Team

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You can all relax. I got a bit of a break this weekend ( plus, I slept til NOON, yes, 12 in the afternoon, on Saturday!!!) It was much needed, as I think the world knew.

The Man & I stopped at my favorite local deli, Franklin Square Deli for lunch then went to see the A Team.

I remember watching it, vaguely, with my dad & my sister. My sister is the big A Team fan of the family. We are all owners of the original dolls, in fact. I believe my sis has them, which is probably good for their value considering my boys.

I figured, even if the movie sucked, it'd be an enjoyable hour plus of Bradley Cooper, who lets face is, is fucking fiiine. ..Well, he was hotter before he got with Squishy Zellwiger,but maybe she has a ...nice heart. Er something.

Anyway, I'm a pretty tough movie critic. Not a lot makes me laugh.. Well..actually I laugh really easily, but I'm not easily moved to laughter by movies. I never have been. I remember going to see Little Women as a kid, I mean, I was maybe 4th grade, and Beth( Claire Danes) died. The theater was racked with sobbing women & I remember looking around with wide eyes, trying not to laugh thinking "I am so going to"

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That was fourth grade, I assure you my inappropriate laughter has gotten MUCH worse since then.

If you planed on, or even remotely thought about seeing the movie, I'd definitely recommend doing so. I really enjoyed it. The Man even said that he loved it, it was so outrageous & unbelievable yet still enjoyable. Not like those movies where you're like "Really? Come on" This was just A for AWESOME & ACTION. And Alpha..technically, so the outrageousness was A-Ok!

I know that the original B.A, Mr. T wasn't thrilled about a remake, and I know I had my skeptic shoes on, so for those of you who are all "OMG how can they remake the A Team?? I refuse to see it!" Get over yourselves & enjoy the summer flick.

I did. And I'd see it again, which is rare for me.

Plus, like I said, what's the worst that can happen, you waste $8 & dislike it?

Not a total loss.. you still get to look at this for over an hour.

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That's worth $10 alone. I'm just saying.
..Oh worth it...

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