Monday, May 17, 2010

You say anecdote, I sat Andydote

Andy will be four years old this July. He, like Ryan now is, was a late talker. Both my boys practically walked out of the womb, they were so physical at such a young age, but I like to call them the strong, silent type.
I'm a talker, an absolute speed talking yap your ear off babbler. Some of the time.
The rest of the time, I'm pretty quiet. I'd prefer to say something good, or say nothing at all.

Now Andy is really molding into a "real human" as we say over here, "Wow,he's like a real little person, or something!" He can talk just as fast as I can. much to my mothers dismay, and believe me, he is giving me a real run for my talking skills money!

Like this weekend, for example.

Sunday morning, the kids had cereal & cartoons & we're absorbed in their own waking up..The Man & I close the door to have some "quiet time."

Seven minutes later ( atleast it wasnt two minutes...) Andy knock knock's at the bedroom door & calls
"Hey! Are you guys alright in there???"

Yeah buddy, we're ok.

"Well.... what are you doing in there???"

Folding laundry...

As I've said before, we've been potty training, which is basically complete, except for a few poo nuggets in the ol' underoos here & there of course. However, it's also meant that I get a crowd & some cheer-leading when I go to the bathroom as well.

One week a month, last week, Andy had several questions about my bathroom habits..

He's been full of questions lately, just full of them!

He snuggled up with me this weekend & told me "You know, I have yellow pee!"
I said "yes you do!!"
He then told me "Dad has yellow pee too.."
He does!
Then Andy looked at me & said "And YOU have PINK pee!"

I didn't know what to say, he was right! So I said.. "Yep.. I did have pink pee buddy.." to which Andy looked positively tickled he was right.

Then there is the "what color is my pee pee??" question, he asked a few weeks ago.. to which I shrugged, thinking & said "It's guess!" to which he promptly examined further & told me "Yes, it's pink, but it's purple,ooh..and blue.. too!!"


Ah.. he's going to be my fun, curious one, isn't he??

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  1. My oldest was about that age when he got into a loud boys have penises and girls have vaginas discussion while we were in the McDonald's bathroom. It was a hoot.

  2. Ah...the life of boys. Fascinated with bodily functions. Nicholas this past week has asked both DH & I, "Do I have different colored poop because I eat different color foods?" Well, yeah you do, bud! He's oh-so-proud of it.

  3. You are a good and honest mom. I miss babies and the funny things they say. 'Course I should be thankful that I have a husband who is much the same as a small child.


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