Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still looking for Mothers Day ideas?

Mothers Day.
The one day a year we are officially celebrated. As every mom knows, EVERY day is Mothers Day, but I suppose its nice to have an official day, right?

I got the chance to check out a couple awesome products that I wanted to tell you guys about. Let's face it, for many, Mothers Day gifts are hand picked, told to our spouses & then we're "surprised!" with them later.

As you all know, I am a shampoo, conditioner & all this beauty obsessed! So when I got to check out the new shampoo & conditioner by Philip Pelusi I said yes please!! I got a hair cut yesterday,about 3 inches painfully chopped off. I love my long hair, and it's still long, but with the styling & color I do, it definitely needs a good cut every so often. I am always looking for the best products to keep my hair in tip top shape, to avoid cuts as much as possible. The age de phy shampoo is ahhmazing. It's a rejuvenating shampoo, to which my hair was like "more more more!!" Plus, it smells AWESOME. It's a light sweet-ish smell, and it left my hair tangle free & feeling pretty awesome.
I have to say, however, the Potion is my favorite. Its a sun guard & styling product, which is my favorite type of hair product. I love stuff you can leave on, and it also acts as a styling agent. With colored hair,the sun is your worst enemy.It fades reds to a brassy icky color, it dulls black to a reddish black color & it just dries out blondes. Potion can be used on wet OR dry hair, several times a day,a  needed. It has pumpkin enzyme, multi-fruit acid, fennel seed and anti-oxidents in it and it's highly concentrated, which means a little goes a long way, which is great for those on a hair care budget!
I put it on after my shower, and then when my hair was dry today, before going out in the sun. It feels like your hair is super clean, not at all tacky, but with a slight hold. No sticky, hair stiff mess. It's AWESOME for people who dont like the textures of some other styling products.
If your looking for a new shampoo, or any variety of treatments, I strongly suggest you check out Philip Peluis products.

For keeping that hair perfect, once you've achieved the perfect blow out, I think every beauty expert knows that the pillow case you sleep on can be your best friend, or worst enemy. I've slept on an inexpensive satin pillowcase for about 2 years now & I do notice a difference in the tangles but I also have to wash them more often, as skin oil, etc will build up & thats just no good for your face. Branche has come out with a pillowcase, the Charmeuse Case, which is designed specifically to care for not only your hair, but your skin as well!!
Check out these details;

Sleeping on Charmeuse Case…
• Protects delicate facial skin.
• 18 amino acids & high copper content restore hair elasticity, luster and can even reduce fine facial lines.
• Smooths hair’s cuticle layer, adds body & shine.
• Diminishes frizz & keeps curls smooth.
• Ends tedious & damaging daily styling.
• Reduces hair loss & breakage, you won’t find as much hair on your pillow.
• Promotes a more restful & regenerative night's sleep.

Um, awesome!!! I'll be sleeping on one tonight ( I couldn't last night, because a piercing I've had for 10 years on my traegus is irritated & I needed to keep it clean, aka, keep the pretty new pillow clease clean..duh) and I am excited to go to bed!! This case is SO soft & I can't stop touching it, excited to sleep on 18 amino acids, I mean, thats pretty amazing for a pillow case, isn't it?  It comes in seven colors, so for those of you who like your bedding to match, there is no worry because there is definitely a case in a perfect shade for you.

Finally, to keep that skin your pillowcase will be helping to perfect ( how awesome is that, a pillow case that enhances beauty!!) check out Relastin products.
I think that being a mom means your prone to wrinkles, because each kid is bound to give you a few each!

I checked out Relastins Ultra Emolient a zinc firming complex that promotes elastin formation. As we all know, elastin keeps the skin fresh, young & tight, which means no wrinkles!

  • Zinc Firming Complex™: helps your body to "kick start" elastin production. Read More
  • Vitamin C: helps brighten, moisturize and encourage collagen production
  • Vitamin A: encourages collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Peptides: helps visibly reduce surface wrinkles and firm skin
I'll be giving this to my own mother, for Mothers Day this year. Because lets face it, I can say for a few more years that I don't need wrinkle cream ((hair flip)) As you all know from her prior contributions to my blog, she is just as big a beauty freak as I am, so I'll be posting her findings on Relastin, in a week or so after she's had time to give me some feedback, because what is a product review, with out taking the time to see how it actually works, right?

I hope this gave you some last minute tips, fathers & husbands out there.
Ladies? Throw the hint out there, I know some of you love beauty products as much as I do, and these have my guarantee behind them.

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