Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shark embryo? I can show you that.

The pet store we shop at, is a small locally owned store (Yay). However, they seem to have branched into exotic animals, which I'm not really cool with.(Boo)

An American alligator?($299) Sure, we live in Ohio, so, when it gets too big, it will surely be fine in the natural habitat that people inevitabely let the animals into..right?

Oh wait, no.I'd really like to meet the person who eventually buys it ( or the pet store, who finds themselves with a giant alligator!) and ask "What the fuck do you plan to do with it?" Because I'm sure, they're intelligent answer will pacify my questions.


However, they have a banded shark egg, ($49.99, fyi) that I have to say, is pretty awesome. I saw when we stopped in the other day, that you can actually see the shark moving around, in it's egg so I had to go back & get a video. I mean, do you have any past experiences that let YOU see, share & video a shark embryo?

Didn't think so. Pretty unique opportunity, right?

So per several requests, here is it!

Pretty awesome, huh?
On a similar note, the apple tree in our yard has baby birds, for a second year in a row! I admit, I'm a bit fearful of the parents. I worry they might peck my eyes out, or something equally as horrifying, so I snapped off a few pictures, at arms length and ran. Like I said.. me &

There is something pretty magical, especially for mothers, I think, about seeing baby animals. I don't know if it's the magic of seeing it (with out doing it!) or the delicateness of the see through skin, on baby animals, or what that is so precious and miraculous to see, but I never come away from seeing baby animals with out that warm fuzzy feeling.
Have you ever seen any amazing animal experiences? Share them! I love stories!!

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