Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts..

For those of you, who are still viewing me, here on Blogger.
Here is a clip of my random Tuesday Thoughts, for the week. I've successfully switched my Google Friend Connect followers, over to my blog, so all of you should not even be reading this, if that is the way you connect to read my blog.
Today, I will be working on transferring my RSS feed over, for those of you who subscribe that way.
I really hope I don't lose you.
So, if your here, reading this, make sure you don't get lost, by accident and go to the NEW BLOG domain HERE.
Subscribe yourself there, incase I get a case of the web dumbz.


"Now, I'm not saying I don't like my kids, I LOVE them. It's other peoples, I don't like. Our neighbor? He's like.. 5, I think.

"I should be going to bed. Instead, it's Monday night, 11pm, and I'm sitting here, picking my cuticles, writing this, because I don't know..why not? Should I sleep? Maybe. But, between all of you, and me.. This whole having Mike at home thing is AWWESSOOMME!"

Saw some really fucked up nipples on a pig.

And I KNOW you want to see them SO bad.
(go, see the pictures on the blog!)

"What IS the deal with cuticles anyway? And how DO pubic hairs know when to stop growing? And eye lashes & brows?? What makes them different from your head hair, which continually grows??"

You can read the full blog entry, over on the new site, HERE 

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