Monday, May 3, 2010

A pen is.

What is that one thing your always buying, never using & always needing to buy more of?

You know..every house had at the LEAST like, 2 of these items.I'm sure of it.

Ours in pens.
I know I am bringing them into this house.
I know I am not taking them out of the house.
However, when I go to look for one to address an envelope for the system known as "slow email"  it recently went like this

Me- "Mike, where is a pen??.. A pen that works??"
Mike- I dunno.. ((leans over to look sort of in my direction,vaguely, but not really, because he is a man & doesnt LOOK for anything, he just asks his wife where is is))

I stand up from the desk to look through my hand writing utensil holder which is actually a collection of things like Sharpies, penis swizzle sticks & crayons.

"This ones out of ink..this one is a penis, this one is a crayon & I don't think the water company will like that this one is.....invisible..."

Mike- is gone, in the other room, eating a sandwich.

Seriously.. we have an invisible pen, but not a REAL one??? 

What is your item, that you know you buy, you KNOW you have, but you have no idea where the heck they all go to??
Make me feel a little sane, and share, please?

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  1. Combs. I buy a dozen at a time and can never find ONE when I need it.

  2. Vacuum cleaner refil bags. I buy a pack of three, use one, and can never remember where I put the remaining ones when the machine won't suck up any more dirt.

    Mike must be able to make a sandwich like the wind (if the wind made sandwiches) to get out of looking for a pen that quickly. Does he have a sandwich superpower?

  3. My children make pens and utensils disappear. I firmly believe there is a black hole somewhere in my house.

  4. We have disappearing hair ties. I have to buy a new pack about every two months and then they just all seem to evaporate in to thin air.

  5. Scotch tape ~ when i need it , it is gone. I go buy more then one day i am cleaning my desk and find 5 rolls. When the day comes around that i need it again, POOF ! gone :) vicious cycle

  6. We have mysteriously disappearing pens at our house too. Also condoms. Condoms disappear from our bedroom all the time. Might or might not have something to do with having an 18 year son living here.


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