Saturday, May 15, 2010

The other side of the tracks.

Now that The Man is home, we've been trying to do more as a family, which inevitably means less blogging, for me. I've been reminded, that life can change in the blink of an eye, and I am trying to make sure that I count my blessings, our health & our happiness daily.

Mike took the kids on a walk, a few weeks ago & came back astonished.
"We crossed the tracks today.. there are nice houses over there, just through a field.. like.. literally.. we live on the other side of the tracks... and not the side you want to be on!!!"

I nearly choked.
I've lived in this town the majority of my life, and yeah.. I'd prefer to live on the other side of the tracks, too!
Our side is a bit........................ country.
Hm.. it's like.. 96% country, 2% crackhead, 2% normal..
I swear.. omg..this is going to be a whole different post isnt it!?! I better focus..

I like the "big back yard & nature" country part of it...... and that's about it. This post isn't to catch you up on my neighbors,and the wacky neighborhood we live in believe me, that is a whole different ball game & will be shared eventually, but to tell you about the fun we've been having exploring whats in our own back yard.

As most people know, tornadoes have been touching down & disasters happening all over, this Spring. We've had daily alerts & warnings & watches or whatever they call it, but mostly we've just had rain.
We headed out for a walk, the other day because the weather channel was showing rain for the next 4 days & we wanted to make sure we got out before it came because this house can not contain these kids, this Spring & if we HAVE to be stuck inside due to rain, we'd better take advantage of what we can, right?

We ended up taking  close to a mile and a half walk ( maybe more, maybe less) on a bike & hike trail that is literally in our back yard.

Check us out!

There are tons of trains that go through the end of our road daily and these are parked & used by the corporations, business,etc that are back, off the street into the woods.
The Man & Andy ( much to my dismay) have a system worked out, of the 2 of them stopping, waiting, looking, listening & then.. and only then, if there is no train, The Man & Andy can go & touch the train ( where directed, he doesn't just get to molest this big random train, even The Man isn't that irresponsible!!)

Just looking at this picture gives me anxiety, so moving on....

We take the Radio Flyer, that I knew was a good purchase, 2 years ago & after lifting them over the tracks, we're on a paved walkway.

Ryan was in the best of moods, on this walking day (which today, on the same path, opposite direction, he was NOT in a good mood, and that walk sucked.. bad.)

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About a half mile..or mile, or 5 miles, who knows, I didnt start thinking about how far we walked until we had to turn around, of course...There is a local apple orchard. We stopped there as they put a parking lot, for bikers & hiker's to stop & start from as well, we got out, sat on some rocks had some juice. 

Then kids decided they wanted to walk the entire way back home.

I mean the whooollee way.

So that, is where we have been.
What have you been doing, with your own Spring??



  1. Your boys are too cute Claire!!

  2. THIS? Is a beautiful blog! I will be back!!!

  3. Beautiful post. Beautiful family and photos. Look around honey, because it appears you live on the right side of the tracks and will continue to do so regardless of where life takes you. You are blessed.

  4. Sounds like a great adventure right in your backyard. The boys are too cute.


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