Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh yes he did!

My Ryan, DID just crawl into bed, pull up the covers & put himself to sleep. YES HE DID.

He's been doing this lately, sometimes just to rest, or snuggle, but tonight he did it, ALL BY HIMSELF.

<--- His cheese face. Iddent'hecute?

If you know anything about the last few weeks, you know this is so amazing. I tell ya, I was really having a lot of thoughts about not having any more kids, that Ryan will do that to ya from time to time!! (I'm his mom, I can say this, if anyone else does, I will hurt you)

My sweet boy, I stood there, after turning off the table light for a minute, just to .be sure. He twitched, made a few unsettled noises & then just was asleep.

If there is a God.. please, just make this reoccurring, and somehow switch him to Andy's room and I'll consider going to church,
Fo real.
I NEED this for serious sanity reasons ok??

My sweet boy... he's a handful. He's pretty fearless.
He's wild & crazy.

I think the highlight of his ..life.. maybe, was a month or so ago ( my camera was having problems, who  knows how long ago I took it.. I might think a month, it may be more like 3.. who knows with me)
Anyway, the highlight of his sweet little life was figuring he could actually drag the "kitchen table"
( they have to sit and eat at it f they eat in the living room)  from the living room, across the room, through the hall & into Andy's room.
And do this.

Haha. He's a monkey, he started walking at 8 months & hasnt stopped since! He climbs on things to jump off, anything... baby gates are my friend.We have things massively bolted to the walls, just in case..
Ahh... my sweet boys are growing up.

Which of your kiddos is your troublemaker??
Do you have one??
If not.. well...lucky you then.

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  1. I have a trouble maker too. As a gymnastics instructor I have to say he is doing pretty good forward rolls.

  2. Oh, I think Erik & Ryan would get along very well. Although, Erik would probably teach Ryan how to climb over the gates...so that might not be a good thing.


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