Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Likes

If you haven't check out MyLikes yet, you surely need to. I've posted in the past, but wanted to remind those of you who havent checked it out yet, to do so.
Yes, you too can get paid on the Internet, just for sharing your thoughts.

((Insert Cheesey Music Here))
But in all seriousness, as corny as it sounds. I know I've come across TONS of sites in the past & as a stay at home mom, I've done things like MyPoints, BzzAgent, Pinecone & I still do. Yes, this is a legit way that you can make money, in fact, they cash out around $2, direct to PayPal! So, this is my endorsement, that it's a legit site & it's simple & all around awesome. If you haven't checked it out yet, what do you have to lose?

Here is one of my new Likes, you can see them all, down on the right hand section of the blog.

Healthy Moms -
#healthymom Awesome way to get in on some Healthy info, for moms! I love the accessibility, it's perfect for ideas!

Creative Home -
FREE shipping on orders over $99 with coupon code CH8SHIP at

8 reasons to #loseweight now with an online diet, whats not to like? #beachbod

What are some of your favorite things, currently?

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