Saturday, May 1, 2010

Like a dog.. like a dog.. like a dog...

Um? I can pee outside? Like a a dog.. like a dog?

Actually. I was just singing the theme song for Kipper the Dog. which is Ryan's favorite new show. Check out the video of the theme song, sing it all day long & come back & thank me, later.

We have the habit of putting on Sprout, daily nightly, before bed, for the Good Night Show. Kipper the Dog, Pajanimals, Caillou..or what the fuck ever that kid's name is.

Who, speaking of, quite simply, I dislike.
I mean, what kind of a name is Caillou, anyway?

He's this annoying little big headed bald kid is all "ohh mommy can I do thiiiss!!!!!"
((insert huge wide bubble eyes here)) and Mommy sets the rest of us real mommies up for failure,because she always takes the kids outside, or to the park, or for ice cream,every time they ask..

Bitch makes the rest of us look baaaddd.

Cartoons & kids shows are weird now 'days. Not like back when I was a youngster & we had to walk 20 miles,up hill, both ways, to watch cartoons.
Ok, no. But I just wanted to try it out.

I admit, I like some of the kids shows we watch.
Mostly Word World, Zaboomafoo & the night time shows, on Sprout.
I love Zaboo, I'll be honest.
I've learned loads about animals from that show (beavers have 2 sets of eye lids, one to see under water!) & so has Andy, apparently.
Randomly he'll spit out a fact about an animal, or what something needs to grow ( ie: Plants need water, sun & love!) or once, he gasped loudly gave me quite a start only to say "Look Mommy.. A CORN SNAKE!!" when he found a piece of dried spaghetti under the high chair.

Quite right son, I do need to clean more, but corn snake?? I mean.. he had just turned 3 at the time, I was impressed!

I see all these moms complain about shows that mine have yet to discover. Where are Max & Ruby's parents, is popular on my Facebook feed, right now.

I don't know who Max & Ruby are, and until I have to, I have no plan to find out. But it does bring up questions.

Where are many of these chharacters parents? Big Bird is 6. Seriously, he told me yesterday.
He sleeps in a nest, all alone on Seseme Street.


Elmo has parents, we saw them on a Baby episode that was the bee's knees for Ryan to giggle at, when he was a baby. He liked all the other baby faces & it kept him happy for 60 lovely minutes!

Some of you awesome moms don't utilize the TV, and to you I say...
Your missing out. 
I get at least an hour a day & then one before bed where they are PERFECT & I can actually sit & relax, and Farmville or Town my secret farmer heart away on Facebook, or some equally important thing & know that just one sweet room away, no one is pushing anyone or pushing things through window screens..

But, to those of you who do give your kids screen time, I'm curious!

  • What shows do your kids watch that you love?
  • Which do you despise?
  • Any questions about the moral character, or upbringing of any of these characters or their parents?

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  1. Well, I couldn't stand Yo Gabba Gabba until they did that Jack Black episode, which was brilliant.

    I totally ripped Yo Gabba Gabba on my blog and I had ACTUAL cast members commenting and defending their show. That blew me away.

    Callou (sp?) is pretty bad.

  2. I despise Calliou. He is a rude, bratty, obnoxious little cartoon boy.

  3. Dude Max and Ruby is one fucked up show


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