Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KY Kissable Sensations Review & Giveaway CLOSED

KY His & Her's is like liquid gold in this house, which sucks, because lubes makes for slippery fingers, which makes for spills. When I got the chance to check out the new KY Kissable Sensations and to tell you how much I already love KY His & Hers it was like I hit the lube lottery.

I love the original his & hers, the cooling sensation for her, the warming for his..those commercials aren't lying when they show the After pictures, after the two lubes unite! I love love LOVE it.

I was a bit hesitant, because the new Kissables are tasty lickable lubricants, and usually to me, tasting lube= sticky mess. I have to hop in the shower or I just feel gross, and lets face it, with 2 little boys, if we want any "private time" it tends to be something we have to do in quick, hidden moments while 2 certain little boys are zoned in front of the TV with a treat ( double precautions) or we hear what we heard last weekend.

((knock knock))

Andy: Hey guys? Are you ok in there??

Us: ((looks at eachother that face, the worry, will be be able to open the door? ohgod)) Yeah buddy. Thanks.

Andy: ...What are you doing in there????

Us: Folding laundry!!!!!!! Go sit down & watch your show!

Andy: Ok.

Yeah,strolling out for a shower isn't really ideal. However, despite my hesitations I decided I'd gave it a shot.

The chocolate is for her & the strawberry is for him.The chocolate doesn't have that gross scent, that some products when trying to recreate chocolate. It actually smells like real chocolate, maybe a darker chocolate syrup would smell, I'd say. It's just like regular KY lubricants, only yes. It does taste. And it tastes good.

Perk: I got to say that my crotch smelled chocolatey!

But in all honesty, I really like it! It doesn't have the usual "generic" taste that lubricants do, it tastes, smells & feels nice, which are all the things you should ask for in a lubricant of this category.

In my expertise* I definitely recommend every couple invest in several "regular" lubricants, and also a fun one, like KY Kissables!

FIVE really lucky readers will get to check out the new KY Kissable Sensations for themselves. I'm excited FOR you guys.Whose gonna make a chocolate strawberry scented baby with this, thanks to KY & this giveaway? Eh???

KY Kissable Sensations will be available in stores June 2010. Keep an eye out for them, they are worth it! You can also visit KY to check for special offers, and sign up to make sure you don't miss out on future deals as well.

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Good Luck!!
* By expertise I only mean, maybe the fact that I've had a lot of sex makes me an expert. I have no medical license to provide you with any factual knowledge. You really shouldn't take medical advice from people on the Internet, either.

**“This posting comments on product sent to me on behalf of K-Y® Brand to facilitate my review.”