Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've been waiting for you, Tuesday..

  • I have been waiting for Tuesday, for a week now. I seriously need to express this most random thought that has been nagging me, since I saw a Secret deodorant ad with a pairs skater in it, while sitting on the shitter last week (fucking calamari)
How many pairs figure skaters out there, are missing appendages?? I'm dead serious. I need to know.I mean.. all that catching & tossing with skates close to fingers..I'm just saying..
  • The Man is officially done with Spring semester. If all goes as planned, one year from now, he will be walking across the stage to get his diploma. My friend Sam told me, when I complained how loonnggg it seems like we have to go, that in the grand scheme of the last 3 years, it's sorta nothing. I was of course like "damnit shh I want to complain!' haha, but it's true, one year left? That's basically nothing, of course, it took us 3 years to get in the swing of balancing our finances & our time & schedules while being in school and being an adult family, but isn't that how those things always work anyway? 
  • The Man also has a bit over a month of being home, with us, until his next summer semester starts. I swear, when he's home it's like I clean, then he walks through a room & things throw themselves off shelves. The house is a disaster & I just keep doing the same things over & over again.
  • Of course, the Man is all "lets do as much as we can, together, since this could be our last summer "off." He has apparently tried to cram in a summers worth of "fun" in the last 4 days.. I'm tired, so is Ryan. 
  • Ryan had his 2 year well check yesterday. 24 months, 30 pounds and 9.8576 ounces, 39.1748 inches and his dome is 19.6858 inches 'round(They give me a nice little print out, I'm copying from it, if not, I'd do what I did on Facebook yesterday & was like "Hes 20 pounds!!!" to which people are like "at 2?? wasn't he 10 lbs at birth?? do you feed him??" Oops.)He also screamed the entire time. Once, when the NP got out the little eye light, he got this face, which cracked both of us up, before turning into a new huge scream, it was one of those "ooohh.. I wanna smile..NO NO NONONO MUST SCREAM!!!!" faces that my son does SO well. It was pretty adorable..in a painfully loud way, that is.
  • I asked if she had any weaning tips, she kinda laughed, because lets face it, if you've nursed up til age 2, your opening of weaning with out difficulty has basically passed. I'm going to be stuck to this one for ever.I've been having serious boob issues, lately. I've been nursing since July 17th, 2006. I havent missed a day yet. Oh, wait.. I nursed Andy at 8pm on April 13th, then Ryan was born the early morning of April 15th..so, I didnt have to nurse anyone,w hile in labor for those hours.. That's it. 
I kinda want my boobs back, man.

  • We watched Zack & Miri make a Porno, last night.. It was..... weird. It had some hilarious parts, because obviously I like offensive humor, but the bad-ness of the rest of the movie canceled the good lines. However, one of the actors told his wife, in the movie "I've seen em for 20 years.. No body wants to see your busted ass titties" and sort of flopped them, which is probably the funniest thing I saw in DAYS.. I feel a little like that.
Before kids I didnt even HAVE boobs, now I have boobs that have a kid stuck to them like an apendage. I was laying there, ticked last night nursing Ryan to sleep.
It's just nights that he has had a nap, he doesnt want to fall asleep, and he just wants to lay on me & hum & nurse & kick me when I moved.
Most nights this is ok..but on nap days, I'm all nursed out by 9pm.
At 8pm I'm putting him down & it's ok, and it's nice to have some down time, snuggle time, and to put my sweet boy to bed..but when its 9pm and I'm still looking at his eyes, open wide, I sit there & start to get ticked inside.
I mostly get mad at the man, because everything is his fault, of course.
Last night I was laying there pissed that he sleeps so soundly, and wasnt a helper when the boys were babies, because of course, that is the reason I am still nursing...
((head scratch))
Just go with it, ok??
So I was trying to think of a way to compare it to him..
I got nothing.
Short of asking if I can suck his nipple for 4 hours a day, just once, so he sees what it's like. That really isn't a rational idea...nor one I want to do, either!

Oh on boob-ward ho!!
I'll still be nursing for awhile, is my guess.That's ok..but it is nice to bitch sometimes.. I told Mike awhile back that we are not allowed to discuss another child until I have had my boobs back, all to myself, for one full year. Period.

  • I applied to be the Celebrity Headline writer, for the Examiner for my local edition. I just found out they accepted me!
This is going to be a long, busy next month or so.. really busy, really nuts, and I kind of want to just go back to bed & forget about it all.

Oh! Andy pooped on the potty!! Yep.. ON. I guess we should have said "poop IN the potty" not "lets go poop on the potty!" But uh.. yeah..better luck next time eh?

That's all I got for today!

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  1. Hey ... you're like famous with boatloads of followers and advertise and crap and STILL commented on my blog ... thanks :) I am doing better. But I have no weaning tips, I only nursed for less than 6 months and had to stop. I was supplementing too much and dried out .... my kid was like, "hey, you're empty, where's my bottle?" So it was easy.

  2. congrats on being done with the spring semester tommorow daughter has last class then she is done as well

  3. I wish Phoenix would have nursed pass 8 months :-( I ask him every now and again if he wants milk and he runs away scared. Maybe he now realizes those things could suffocate him.


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