Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love Spring!

Spring is so fresh, and green, it's a nice change after Winter! My favorite part of spring is the flowers. All of my favorites grow in the spring. Hyacinths. Lilacs, Lily of the Valley & Peonies.

The lily of the valley are on their way out, and I've picked tons & filled the house with as many as I can & enjoyed their fragrance. Next is the peonies & I can't wait!

Here are a couple pictures I've taken recently, from around the yard, we have a couple cool flowers that come back, every year & this year I'm going to do more to keep a eye on them, know what they all are & enjoy them each!
The forget me nots, I told you guys about the other day, in my Garden post.
Some nifty flower, that everyone always tells us is really rare to find in this color, it's nearly black, the light shows the purple well, though.

The real fun, of course of Spring is running off your Spring FEVER! The boys flew a kite, for the first time, on Mothers Day & Andy LOVED it! Ryan mostly got tangled & then people got mad at each other ( did I mention it was FREEZING out too??? Whats up Ohio??)

What fun Spring stuff have you been doing???

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  1. It's been cold here too. Looks like I will have to be replacing alot of perrenials. I forgot about kite flying!!! I love to do that. Thank's for the reminder. I took three Grandkids out once and the oldest was nearly hysterical as he'd had a dream that so affected him, he was frantically trying to get his brother and sister not to fly them.

  2. You live in Ohio!?!? Me too! And I've been asking the same thing about the weather!

  3. Spring blew through Wisconsin, missed summer, and we are back to autumn. Cold and wet. Lovely to see any signs of beautiful color. All the petals have blown off my flowers, tulips have gone back into hiding!

  4. Lovely flower pics. I love the kite shot. It is cold here too. we have been bundling up and playing in the yard and riding bikes.

  5. Don't know if I can handle being referred to as a "lovely", but I'll take it.

    We've been experiencing cold here too. Cold and wet. I just want spring.

    I can NEVER get a blasted kite to fly.

  6. our peonies are out in full force in dc. i decided not to hold back and have most of them inside in vases because i love them so much, think this is my second favorite after lilacs now. miss you guys - remember kite flying when i was little, it is wonderful!


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