Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden: 2010 in pictures

This is our third year of planting a garden. It's been trial and error, and a lot of fun!
I've by now, got a few years of knowing our yard, the sun & what works well in our landscape, to venture into some new fun gardening.

It's finally fully planted & of course, in true Ohio style, has gone from 80 degrees to frosting, so we've had to cover plants & we shall see, what survives this years weather that is, like every year, bound to be something new!

We had SO much fun & I can't wait to see what pops up, (literally!) this year.

 It looks like so little, when you're bringing home boxes of sprouts from the nursery, doesn't it? Every year I look at them, look at the plot, and think there is no way we got enough...This year we went back, just for 2 strawberry plants, mind you, and came home with 8 brussel sprout, sprouts, a basil bush, a new pepper plant ( they grow the size of your hand!) and "salsa" tomato...because salsa is what fresh tomatos are for, in my house!

Mr.Stripey. Because come on, I couldn't NOT buy a tomato named Mr. Stripey!!

The boys planted their seeds, in the cute little Sesame Street pots & green house, from Grandmas easter basket. One is beans, one is sunflowers & both have since grown & been transplanted!  I'd also like to say, that these come with little wooden devices, for patting & mixing soil.. These look exactly like little ice cream spoons. 
RYAN!! Don't you!!! Was all I had to say.. or so I thought. 5 minutes later Ryan is sitting next to me, as I pot another plant & I hear "Mmmmm"

 Andy went with my mom & I, to pick out plants & had the whole place all to himself:

Then for the rest of the evening, he insisted on keeping "his plant" with him. His plant was coresian mint, and when he fell asleep & I kissed him, he smelled of little boy & mint. 
It was positively delightful ((mommy sigh))

We planted, and then as I said we went back for more, so now the garden is positively packed!
I'd like to say, for those of you who like myself, didn't know, bruseel sprouts are very misleading. Eight 2 inch sprouts? Pshh. The picture looked like these little bags of brussel sprouts just grow in pockets.
I planted all 8 of them in about a 1x2ft space, and hahahahaha! These things grow to be about 2 feet EACH! Look at this picture I found, which shows size reference.. EEK!!

The strawberries have been planted, I grew cilantro from seed. I collected last years cilantro seeds
(coriander)  and managed to sprout them, twice, this season. I hope they live!
Last Spring, I spent a half of a day digging up forget me nots that were scattered all over, so that this Spring, when they came up, they would look like this:
Of course, one escaped me, and popped up right in the corner of the garden, and what do you know? It's pink!

Do you garden?? 
Do you have an indoor plant & thats it? 
Or do you plant a vegetable garden every year? 
What extent does your green thumb, go to?


  1. I just planted my seeds last week. Last year I started them indoors, but decided to see how well they fare just going straight in the garden this year. I do square foot gardening, and I think I'm going to get a few containers for some things...didn't like my radishes being in the square foot garden, and I think I'll do my lettuce on my kitchen windowsill. I'm really hoping my seeds sprout outdoors and it's not a total bust! I planted watermelon seeds in my front flower bed last year and they didn't grow (or if they did...hubby must've pulled them...he's always out there yanking up weeds :X)

  2. This makes me so excited to start ours this year. My Meme swears that the rule {northern OH here} is to plant after Mother's Day so guess what we'll be doing this weekend?

    We do a lot of container gardening... I kill things less frequently that way. This year, strawberries, blueberries {I think these take a year or two to fruit though}, one tomato plant, a ton of herbs, green beans {Finn also had one of those Sesame Street planters}, and probably cantaloupe. My inlaws live close and plant a huge garden every year so we get a lot from them.

  3. My garden is in pots this year. Last year I started them all from seeds and they crashed and burned once I put them in the ground...some sort of soil issue.

  4. I don't garden, but my husband does. He's studying horticulture and hopes to change careers and become a professional gardener someday.

    I love salsa and I can only imagine how yummy it would be with homegrown tomatoes.

  5. Ok. I like Beefsteak and Big Boy tomatoes for obvious reasons. Cilantro should be banned and it can take rosemary right along with it! Dill is chill. Yum!


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