Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Trips for All

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I am willing to bet, that most everyone can remember the excitement of Field Trip day, at school. Be it in second grade, or your senior year, Field Trips were the best!
Before I tell you more, I want you to check out this video, it's absolutely worth it. Keep a close eye on these kids faces, it's priceless!

 How adorable, hilarious & awesome was that??
I'd LOVE to have gone on a field trip like that as a kid. Hell, I'd like to go now!!

I remember the awe, of going to museums,walking hand in hand as kids on field trips.
I remember feeling cool, as we got older, going on field trips, able to venture on our own with a group of friends.
I remember being glad we wern't in class, as a teenager, when we had field trips.
I can't say I've ever met a field trip I didnt like.

Ooh, except for one.
My senior year, I took a glass making class. I had early release, so I got to drive to the glass blowing place we were visiting, it was just around the corner from my house & it would be easy fo rme to head home & then to work after,plus my art teacher was cool like that.
I walked in, the heat hit me & I turned around & walked out & nearly passed out.
I went home, and then throw up.
That field trip was no fun..
However, even at age 18, I was dissapointed that I missed that field trip, and obviously, I still remember it!
I still am ticked I had chicken pox, in first grade & had to miss an awesome trip to a local farm!

Hands-on experiences like field trips can help engage children in learning that can open their eyes to the world beyond the classroom. That’s why Lunchables Lunch Combinations wants to help deserving kids across the country go on an inspiring, educational experience with the launch of the program,  Field Trips For All

“Field Trips For All” is the first effort from the Lunchables Team’s new initiative called Project Potential. Aimed at empowering kids with opportunities to help them reach their full potential, Project Potential will provide enriching experiences kids might otherwise not have.

According to a 2009 report from The American Association of School Administrators, it’s estimated that over the course of the current school year, the number of school districts eliminating field trips will increase by 56 percent. That’s more than 30,000 schools.
That's pretty sad.
While my children aren't in school right now, Andy will be starting preschool next year(ohgaawwdd kill me now, wasn't he just born??)
He will be driven to school by me, and I'll likely go with them, if they go on field trips, because I too, am paranoid & feel certain if I wasn't there, when my child left the home, or the school with out me, doom of some sort would occur.
However, I'd be pretty sad, for Andy, and myself., if there were no field trips to worry about!

Some of our local area schools have had major budget cuts, when I was out of high school,but not yet with Mike, I heard of one local district that no longer has sports, extracurricular activities, buses & I hear a rumor of even lunches.
That's ridiculous. I'm SURE they don;t have field trips, and that's just sad & pathetic, in my opinion, that our countries youth will be missing out of so much, education wise, not just from the lack of field trips, but the lack of funds no student should have to suffer, due to.

Field Trips For All is asking that anyone 6 years of age or older nominate a deserving classroom by going to and submitting a nomination. From all nominations received, 50 classrooms will be selected to go on an inspiring, educational experience.

Since my kid's cant benefit from this, I want you guys to tell me about your kids class, or a class you'd like me to nominate, instead!

Field trips are such a fun, important part of a childs education experience, and I absolutely support Field Trips For Alland I hope that you too, will spread the word of this great program!

Visit my sponsor: Field Trips For All

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