Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Oops..I drooled!

If you know me at all, you know I love beauty products. 
From the time I was a younger teen, I've been this way.
If it's new, I needwant it.
Bath & Body Works & Sephora are like "your collection rivals mine..jealous!

It's an addiction I don't ever ever ever want help for.

So when I got the chance to check out I was thrilled, to say the least.

Each season, a panel of beauty experts separates the winners from the losers and then suggests the best product matches based on your profile. Your product matches are divided into 2 categories: Must-Haves and Panel Faves. Must-Haves are products the panel has picked specifically for you. Panel Faves are more of the panelists' favorites that you pick yourself!

After answering a few, simple questions about my hair & skin tone, color & textures, I was given a list of hot new personalized beauty products to select my sample of 8, products

I was drooling like a chunky kid who hasn't eaten for days would be, over a triple decker cake, ok? You get to pick 8 products, each season & yes, there are full sized products.

I've always wanted to try out Johnathan's IB remedy (since I watched his show, on Bravo!) & it was suggested for my color treated hair. I. Am. In. Love. This essential spray is a fine mist that you can leave it during the day before you shampoo, or over night for the best results. I've been bleaching my hair & I can honestly say that with this use, my hair is in better condition now, after bleaching, that it was before. That's pretty amazing.

I also picked some  IQ Derma products, which my skin has been loving.
But I got to check out one of those new lash boosters,which I was most excited for, also from IQ Derma which is a $125 value. (dayum!!!)
I have some sparse spots on my eyebrows from letting a friend do my brows as a teen (bitch!) & I use pencils to fill them in. My eyebrows, AND lashes are already fuller, tickers & growing in new with just a few weeks use.
A gorgeous new purple polish, prime for Spring  from SpaRitual, which might I add, hasnt chipped on my pedicure on over 2 weeks & some gorgeous other products, that you'll have to check out for yourself & I was set! 

Names like Johnathan, IQ Derma, Trisha Sawyer, even Caress & Secret have been picked by top beauty products & are yours for the picking.

For anyone beauty obsessed, you already know that this is an AMAZING value. Eight products for $50. Most of these products are over $50 per item, to this is a MAJOR steal.

Member benefits include:
•   Personalized recommendations from a panel of experts
•   New products quarterly
•   By sharing your opinions you can get a $25 gift card to

BeautyFix generously offered my readers an AMAZING discount code that if none of you 
ever listen to anything I say, you should listen to this.
You can use code BFIX5 to get $30 off the $49.99 price for the Beautyfix Spring 2010 season. 
You can test these out, with me for only $19.99+FREE SHIPPING.

So, 4 times a year, you get to choose 8 amazing new products, hand selected by beauty experts, 
just for you!
One of the best things is, with Beauty Fix's referral program, for every member you refer 
who signs up & purchases, you get a $10 credit.
Refer 5 friends & your season is free!  If you'd like a referal from me, leave your e-mail address
 in the comments, or contact me, privately, and I'll shoot you a referral, so you can get started yourself
 with your own Beauty Fix ( don't forget to use the coupon code!) and you can start 
referring friends yourself, to get next seasons kit for free!!

I'm fairly sure that BeautyFix has started what will be a life long addiction for me. This is 
amazing & I know that each season my biggest excitement will be to see what's in store for me.
Truly, I'm that obsessed. I'll be sitting here with the tremors, going through withdrawls, 
waiting for my next Beautyfix
((twitch twitch))

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