Thursday, May 20, 2010

Am web dumb. Needz help.

Where have I been?

Going to farms, to look at tiny little pork chop butts, chasing Ryan as he hops into line with a class of 20 second graders for their class photo.

Working hard not to pull out my own hair..
I'm doing all sorts of crap.
 Playing Facebook games too.. ya'll got me addicted to those things, geeze..

I finally signed up with Bluehost. For all my hosting needs
                        ((cheesy music))
Needless to say, I thought I was doing a REALLY good job. I got my domain there.(er, I think I did, my FIL might have done that actually..)
I got Wordpress installed( one click, thankyouverymuch)
I'm all working on my blog, making it pretty,(slowly doing well, shockingly!)
And most importantly,attempting to further the means of communication I have with all of you
(ie: comment system I can directly reply to, on said blog) and all sorts of other neat fucking stuff like DNSomethingSTFungus.
I have no idea, I mean literally, I might as well be reading Chinese.

I'm lost.

If you visit my domain

You will see the message, my father in law, set up for me, when he so kindly bought me my domain name.

It's suposed to show you my Wordpress home.. Wordpress is all set up, it's like THERE.
Either I'm blind, which with out glasses, I'm fairly sure I technically am.. I mean, all joking aside, I could give a legally blind person a run for their money if I lose a contact.
Or I am really needing some serious web guru help.

I'm going to use like, a lot, and I'm motioning with my hands, a LOT.

So, when your on your Wordpress dashboard, and you click your blog title, that takes to TO your blog. Right? Yeah. Well, it just takes me to the damn message my father in law gave me.
In my Wordpress, I already copied all my blogger posts & comments, to my Wordpress account, so I can click "view" and see my prior posts, with comments, and I can see my page, to check out how it looks as I am editing it.

Then I go to the "home" icon, on my new Wordpress blog. It shows that it will direct me to my domain name
Click. Back to the white page, black writing, from my Father in Law.

Did he like, build this page & I need to take it down?? Or am I missing something? Am I just gotz a case of the stoopidz? I mean, I feel like an LOL Cat over here for fucks sake!!

I put in a help card, or comment card, or something, to the support staff for my hosting, I even started it with "I'm sorry but I have NO idea what I am doing.. so.."
I hope I don't have to call the 24 hour 1-800 number.. I hate the phone & I sound like a moron, trying to ask questions. I mean, notice all the likes & hand gestures??
Add in a stutter as I try to find my words over some kids screaming, make me start sweating as I start to get flustered & it's all a ball of fun!

Go read this site.
This guy is doing 101 things with his ex wifes wedding dress.
She all up and left him, she's lucky he didnt poop on it, set it on fire & leave it on her door step.

PS- Don't worry, I've got switching all of you guys over in the bag..... or so I think..... Maybe you should make sure I'm bookmarked, somewhere. I know how to switch my RSS feed and Google Friend Connect pals over, so hopefully we'll be ok..but just in case. 
Savvveeee me, somewhere, so we don't lose this sweet sweet thing we've got going on. Ok?

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  1. Don't know if you have gotten a reply yet but try clearing your cookies from your browser... I see your page mama! Looks good :)

  2. Hi.
    Feeling vunerable?

    I started on WP so I don't know about migrating from .org to .com.

    But: let's start her:
    You can log in to your "new" blog site by going here, right?

    (FIL didn't make the Meta widget available apparently, which is good for security, but a pain.)

    I'll try to help until somebody better comes along. Email me.


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