Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wrote, and removed a post. Never done that before.
It was meant to be a joke but I added humor that strayed my point & intent. So, truthfully, I should just shhhh.

I love Mike, and he can absolutely ask me not to tell stories of him, or his family. If he doesn't want them on the Internet.

Nuff said. I love him, mostly all of the time.

And check out Because for an old dude, he's fucking awesome. And old people do know more than us whippersnappers, ya know.

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  1. Not sure if this applies to what you deleted, but back in the "MySpace" days, I had a MySpace blog that often got me in trouble with friends asking "um, was that about me" or coworkers, etc. This is what made me create my retro blog where instead I try to talk smack about people I no longer know. Ha ha ha! Sorry I couldn't resist. Maybe it's good that when I vlog, hubs is there to make sure I don't say something too incriminating.

  2. *mwah*
    No geezers don't know more, we just are more vocal because we don't give a shit anymore.

    Thank you for making a codger's day.

  3. Oh, I have done that. As soon as a family member is just slightly bugged by a post, I get rid of it, no questions asked. Life is to short for me to be annoying my wife or family with my lame ass blog.

  4. you are silly my classy friend ♥


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