Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shark embryo? I can show you that.

The pet store we shop at, is a small locally owned store (Yay). However, they seem to have branched into exotic animals, which I'm not really cool with.(Boo)

An American alligator?($299) Sure, we live in Ohio, so, when it gets too big, it will surely be fine in the natural habitat that people inevitabely let the animals into..right?

Oh wait, no.I'd really like to meet the person who eventually buys it ( or the pet store, who finds themselves with a giant alligator!) and ask "What the fuck do you plan to do with it?" Because I'm sure, they're intelligent answer will pacify my questions.


However, they have a banded shark egg, ($49.99, fyi) that I have to say, is pretty awesome. I saw when we stopped in the other day, that you can actually see the shark moving around, in it's egg so I had to go back & get a video. I mean, do you have any past experiences that let YOU see, share & video a shark embryo?

Didn't think so. Pretty unique opportunity, right?

So per several requests, here is it!

Pretty awesome, huh?
On a similar note, the apple tree in our yard has baby birds, for a second year in a row! I admit, I'm a bit fearful of the parents. I worry they might peck my eyes out, or something equally as horrifying, so I snapped off a few pictures, at arms length and ran. Like I said.. me &

There is something pretty magical, especially for mothers, I think, about seeing baby animals. I don't know if it's the magic of seeing it (with out doing it!) or the delicateness of the see through skin, on baby animals, or what that is so precious and miraculous to see, but I never come away from seeing baby animals with out that warm fuzzy feeling.
Have you ever seen any amazing animal experiences? Share them! I love stories!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I couldnt make this up if I tried.


I realized this week, that my entire life, I've thought I was graceful. I just thought really stupid, awkward, embarrassing shit happened to me, a lot..
Turns out, I'm a klutz, and a walking fucking disaster.
I can only imagine how many people from my past are secretly reading this thinking "she just NOW realized this?"

First day at college, mini skirt, from lawn, walking down the steps , I rode the steps, with my ass.One rainy day, I woke up early & decided to do my hair, cute shoes, skirt, etc for morning classes. Anyone who has ever been to Ohio University should know, the wooden steps, leading down to the West Green. Like.. 50 ish steps? I took atleast 20 of them, on my ass, again. in the rain. I laughed & went to class, where I announced it, as I walked in & checked out my stained self, once inside.

I swear to you, this is what just happened, outside in my back yard.

I was being stupid, and lighting those fucking cotton things on fire. I TOLD you not to do this & THIS is why. Yes, I know, stupid me, right? You should never never never play with fire.

But, I did, and suddenly I found myself jumping, at a shockingly fast speed ( of which I will gloat over, when my heart stops screaming) over the rusty metal fence that separates my yard, from my neighbors to roll out the ground before the car, which yes, was on fire.

However, in the process of using my bad ass lightening fast fence jumping skills, the crotch of my shorts caught on the top of the fence, while my body went over.


I managed to basically hang from the fence, by my pants crotch for what felt like a minute, before scrambling off to stamp out the ground.

I got it out.Then I crouched, looked & ran as fast as I could around the fence to my own yard, again (yes, for a second I considered scaling back over, then I was like" ouch, my crotch hurts!") and will never ever ever play with fire again. Totally fucking stupid, I'm such a fucktard.

I will also now be wearing underwear when I leave the house, even if it's just the back yard.

PS- I get tetanus on my vagina & have to go to a doctor & explain this, I am going to be so fucking pissed at my life.


The Farm. And more pig nipples.

OK, I'd like to start by saying, holy fuck. It took me like, 4 days to write this effing post. I dont know if it's me, or Wordpress, or my lack of Wordpress fast skills. Yes, thats likely it, but geeze!

So,like I've been mentioning, we've been doing more "adventures" as we call them, in our house.

We've been trying to pick out destinations that are around here, with things to do for day trips. We're starting only going as far as an hour and a half to two hours away, but as it gets warmer outside we have some trips planned, a bit father from home, still in Ohio, but just fun stuff, we enjoy, like hiking, the outdoors,etc.

So, we went to Lake FarmPark. It was their 20th anniversary, the day before & I haven't been there since I was probably 9 years old. Last time I was there, I got cornered by a CRAZY turkey & a cow bit me.

For some reason, I wanted to go back! Me & farm animals have a leery relationship,you see..

I don't get how some people have sex with them ( what?! It happens, read the news!!!!) These things hate me.

I swear, ALL animals that are of "farm" classification seem to have something against me. Not in a mean intentional way, but I have been nipped, bit & scared shitless by so many of these animals, I can't even tell you. I'm like "all I want to do is pet you, cripes!"

Lucky for me, the farm seemed a bit more "contained" now. The turkeys "on display" were actually in coops. I am assuming they bit the wrong person at some point..just saying, it's a possibility!

First we saw the pigs. There were 10 cute little babies & I have to admit, I got kinda in "baby" mode & wanted to coo over them & their chunky little pork chop butts. I think that they almost look like little human baby butts, don't you? If you look closely, on one, it has a nipple, on its butt cheek. Seriously.

I bet he'll get teased a LOT for that shit.

"Haha, there goes little Peter Piggie, did you hear? He has a THIRTEENTH nipple! That's not even the best part, guess where it is... On his left upper Ham!!"

Cuuttee huh? Those were some massive nipples, on that pig too, but no. Nothing compared to the fucked up pig nipples,I posted earlier, in this weeks RTT.

We saw a goat, who I am convinced is crazy. He just had that look in his eyes...

[caption id="attachment_745" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Crazy Goat"][/caption]

I am still learning Wordpress, so until I get that down, here is a link, to watch the crazy goats, crazy eyes in a short video-

Goat Movie


So, then we saw horses, and I think a donkey, or maybe, it was a mule.

Are you digging Andy's hat? Its a Junior Explorer, from Wallaroo's. These are UPF 50, which is awesome, because Andy overheats & has very fair skin. It's completely machine washable, so you can fold it & tuck it in your pocket, cram it in a bag & it folds out wrinkle free. I love it. Check them out!

[caption id="attachment_753" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Less Pioneer Woman, more Fuzzy Terror."][/caption]


Hailey? <---Photobucket Can you tell me?

On we went, to the next stage of the farm, the circle of animals, sort of. This is where I was cornered, by a crazy turkey as a kid!

They were doing a sheep sheering demonstration, every few hours & we saw the participant. He was so fucking pissed. These things were making hilarious LOUD noises, that terrified Ryan. Every time it'd start he's jump, and run.

They have an awesome Hydroponics section. A whole building with kids stuff to do & learn & most importantly, touch! Ryan mostly just threw balls across the room, but, we were the only ones there, so it was sort of OK.

Next we hustled in the hot sun completely across the farm only to stop for a sip of water, before entering to have a class room file in right before us! This ended up being good, because while Ryan freaked out & had to leave.( He was such a fucking mess that day, after the sheep scared him, he was just a terror the whole time until the very end, when we got away from all the animals & they played on little tykes play grounds. Similar to the ones in their own back yards...) Andy & I got to sit and watch the kids go before us. This gave me time to ask about 10 times " Are you SURE you want to milk the cow?" Andy was sure, and probably annoyed at my nagging.

Finally it was our turn, the cow chose this moment to shift, after all the 20 munckins before us yanked on her boob. This promptly scared Andy & he resorted to just touching the cows leg, then asking to get down from the step stool. So, we touched the cow & left.

Of course, once we left, Andy freaked out that he wanted to milk the cow. I tried to convince him he just did (he wasn't buying it) so he just kind of threw a small fit, nothing loud or obnoxious, but the trying to throw a fit, kinda tired crying whining thing kids are awesome at. I sat there, sipped a water , told Andy if he was going to cry, we would just go home & he couldnt see anything else on the farm. I asked if he wanted that. I smiled, as a mom got to use Andy as an example to her daughter " see, you were just doing that & you stopped..." as she walked in the door, and smiled back.

The best part of the day came next. We walked to a giant field, with a playground. I think that was the best part for everyone. Sadly. They played & Ryan, Mike sat & enjoyed the open skies & I walked around talking pictures of cow eyes & stuff.

I also found golden mushrooms. I mean, hello hippie heaven Alice in Wonderland shit!

We finally headed home, Ryan zonked out with in a minute of the car starting. Andy whined a bit about wanting to milk the cow.. It was a reasonable success.

Plus, I got to see this ( turn up your speakers!)
Tell me about your own, farm experiences!

Have you been matched by a crazed turkey as well?

Seen anything gross/weird/hilarious/completely fucked up that you want to share?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sort of a little bit wordless, definately Wednesday

Every year, this tree 2 yards over grows, and then blows all this cotton crap all over our yard. For 2-5 days it looks like it is snowing, in the Summer. We had to pull food off the grill, this afternoon because of it, and we "swam" the day before, thankfully, because it covers everything!

On a not so wise note, it's also flammable. It curls up in little cotton ball bunches in corners & it may or may not be a quick flash of fire that quickly (and safely) burns out before your eyes. I don't recommend doing this,of course. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dude.Who knows if anyone can even read this, because with my luck, by now, I didn't fix the giant comments I had, and all the font is too tiny.
((knock knock))

Is anyone out there??? Did I lose everyone?

I should NOT have ANY control to ANYTHING on the Internet.

Fuck it.

So random is where I have been lately.. last Tuesday I did,I forgot to link up, so all my randomness was lost & not shared. Read it HERE.

We went to Thomas the Train, this weekend. Hahahaha. That will be a fun blog post.

Sometimes I think, maybe I don't like kids after all. My whole life, since I was a kid, myself, everyone has praised how great I am with kids. My career path was to work with kids [Child Life Therapist] and I always wanted lots of kids.

Now, I'm not saying I don't like my kids, I LOVE them. It's other peoples, I don't like. Our neighbor? He's like.. 5, I think.

I MIGHT hate him. I'm not sure yet. I know, awful right?? I'm totally going to hell.

I think the melon plants are dying, or dead. I'm not sure which yet.

I should be going to bed. Instead, it's Monday night, 11pm, and I'm sitting here, picking my cuticles, writing this, because I don't know..why not? Should I sleep? Maybe. But, between all of you, and me.. This whole having Mike at home thing is AWWESSOOMME!

The last few summers he has been home well.. some of you know my personal life, and some of you don't, but I'll say, that the last six months of all of our lives, and our marriage, have been like a fresh start.

All relationships have troubles, be it financially, or emotionally, or cheating sexually, as we've all seen with Tiger & all these other not too hot to begin with guys who keep fucking that one ugly what is she.. a stripper? A hooker? That Jaime chick.. heelloo.. I know you guys who read Perez, or People, or any sort of celebrity gossip know who I am talking about.. Anyway!

Uh..yeah,so! No, we didn't have anything dramatic or drastic, thankfully!!!

We just decided to take our lives in a different direction & make some changes. Pretty basic things & a commitment to just all around enjoy each other more(because as we all know, life is too short, and can change in the blink of an eye), since that day our relationships & family life have all around really improved!

So, needless to say, this Summer for us, so far has been AWESOME! We have until June twenty-ish of Summer break time! How often do you, and your family get whole summers off, with a regular job? We've realized.. not often. It's just been nice.. I've been sleeping in :-)

We went to a farm.

Saw some really fucked up nipples on a pig.

And I KNOW you want to see them SO bad.

What IS the deal with cuticles anyway? And how DO pubic hairs know when to stop growing? And eye lashes & brows?? What makes them different from your head hair, which continually grows??

Random Tuesday Thoughts..

For those of you, who are still viewing me, here on Blogger.
Here is a clip of my random Tuesday Thoughts, for the week. I've successfully switched my Google Friend Connect followers, over to my blog, so all of you should not even be reading this, if that is the way you connect to read my blog.
Today, I will be working on transferring my RSS feed over, for those of you who subscribe that way.
I really hope I don't lose you.
So, if your here, reading this, make sure you don't get lost, by accident and go to the NEW BLOG domain HERE.
Subscribe yourself there, incase I get a case of the web dumbz.


"Now, I'm not saying I don't like my kids, I LOVE them. It's other peoples, I don't like. Our neighbor? He's like.. 5, I think.

"I should be going to bed. Instead, it's Monday night, 11pm, and I'm sitting here, picking my cuticles, writing this, because I don't know..why not? Should I sleep? Maybe. But, between all of you, and me.. This whole having Mike at home thing is AWWESSOOMME!"

Saw some really fucked up nipples on a pig.

And I KNOW you want to see them SO bad.
(go, see the pictures on the blog!)

"What IS the deal with cuticles anyway? And how DO pubic hairs know when to stop growing? And eye lashes & brows?? What makes them different from your head hair, which continually grows??"

You can read the full blog entry, over on the new site, HERE 

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Minute

Hello my distant friends. I've been having a bit of a brain block, going on lately.By the time I'm done trying to navigate my way through the web & all its tutorials I need to do this website stuff by my lonesome and  feed my Fish, on Facebook, 
Well...I just dont have much to say.
It happens to the best of us.
The NEW SITE IS UP. Click HERE to be taken there.
I'm posting both here, and there, until I fully switch over. 
Still adding the bells, whistles & lots of important html thingies.

So, read here, or there, but if you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands that you can throw my way, please head over there to check it out & leave your comment on Monday Minute, on the new site!

1– Do you *snort*?
Internet wise, I do *snort* when it’s appropriate.
In real life…….occasionally. When air & fluids & laughs cross paths, sometime my throat gets confused with my nose & just let’s out a snort. It’s pretty rare, but it has happened.

2 – Our friend, has a nickname and it’s Daffy.  What’s your nickname?
Fuck. Don’t get me started. I’ve been asking for a nickname since I can remember, and if I had a nickle for everytime some moron new friend in my life has grabbed me, thinking they’re genius to tell me the nickname they made for me..WAIT FOR IT.WAIT FOR IT!!
I’d have a lot of nickles.
Really?! Like I havent been called that since I was was effing birthed?!  Come on. But yeah..I’d say Clairebear is my nickname. Yay.

3 – Do you know sign language?
Typically all the sign language I need can be found with the swift extension of one finger.

4 – What’s a sample convo from your hood?
Hmm.. I don’t have anything too good, but we were at a local FarmPark, this week & it must have been field trip day because there were about 6 buses there. When I leaned in, to pet some baby piglets with Andy, the vultures kids swooped in on me.
“Do you know how old they are? Do you know how many she had?? She had 10..OOoohhhh girl.. TEN babies?? She better hope she dont have no more babies!!! TEN? My mama would be like aww no!!!!”
I can honestly say, I was chuckling about that the rest of the day, this girl must have had siblings cause she was giving the mama pig a look that only a overwhelmed mother, or a child whose mother GETS overwhelmed with her kids, can create.

5 – Do you sleep with electronic devices – i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?
My Blackberry is on “off” next to my bed. Because in “off” I’ll be sure to get any emergency calls and all. OR- I’ve had the same number since I was 16 (yep) and it took until I’d been married for a bit over 2 years  for random people I knew when I was 18 to stop calling, drunk, at 3am to see if I was still single reminisce

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

You're the best.. you're the beeesssttt!!!

I am:
b- not web smart
c-grateful for Going Like Sixty & Beth. (who will teach you how to bake, or atleast to want to eat what she bakes, on her blog!)

d- all of the above, but only a little of a.


I just needed to clear my cache...


So, hopefully in the next 2 days I'll finish setting up, all the funky wonky sized fonts & graphics that aren't sized & in the right place..

Then I'll swap ya'll over.


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Am web dumb. Needz help.

Where have I been?

Going to farms, to look at tiny little pork chop butts, chasing Ryan as he hops into line with a class of 20 second graders for their class photo.

Working hard not to pull out my own hair..
I'm doing all sorts of crap.
 Playing Facebook games too.. ya'll got me addicted to those things, geeze..

I finally signed up with Bluehost. For all my hosting needs
                        ((cheesy music))

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

F&#k yes, I got my dog a Snuggi.

It's been rainy.
And boring.
And the kids are driving me bonkers.
Mike has been home barely a full week before he's itching to get away from us out of the house on his own.

So, we decided to all go to the Pet Store and Target, to pick up some things we needed.
What would usually be "my" time, we'd all do as a family..Yay for me.
Grab some lunch out..
Mike would attempt to talk me into a fish tank.
I'd laugh in his face..
Good clean family fun!

So we're at PetSmart, Ryan is running, squealing, Andy is petting all the lonely kitties waiting for adoption ( I saw Chuck, reincarnated!) when I saw it.

Then the beautiful RED CLEARANCE sticker appeared.. Was: $9.99 Now: $3.00

((((angel singing)))

Fuck yeah. My dog was getting a Snuggi.

And so she did.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monkey Minute.


Have you ever peed in the shower/bath/pool?
Yes/Maybe when I was 2.. I SIT in that water, gross!/Yes

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Stupid people. Fuck, if we're being honest..People in general, I guess.
Be it ignorance or just dumbassness. You know, the people who pipe up with their "factual opinion" that is nothing more than something they got out of a waiting room magazine, or who always have to chime in to be part of the drama/conversation/goings on...
Basically people in general would sum it up...

What's the story behind your blog title?
I'd made one of those little picture phrases.. It was "I rock & roll" and the roll picture I used, looked like a muffin. I got teased by friends& joked around about it.. I think a joke about muffin tops, or 5 came out. I saw a cute icon someone made asking the question.. I needed to make a new blog & I couldnt think of anything, so I just typed in the first things on my mind. "Are Muffins just Ugly Cupcakes?? Where DO Squirrels Poop??"
100 followers later I thought it was a bit too late to change, so I shortened the name, 200 followers later I took a few parts off & wa'la.

What is your definition of success?
Happiness.If I'm happy, I can do anything I want to do!

If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?
As long as it wasn't a leaked sex video, I don't really care.

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You say anecdote, I sat Andydote

Andy will be four years old this July. He, like Ryan now is, was a late talker. Both my boys practically walked out of the womb, they were so physical at such a young age, but I like to call them the strong, silent type.
I'm a talker, an absolute speed talking yap your ear off babbler. Some of the time.
The rest of the time, I'm pretty quiet. I'd prefer to say something good, or say nothing at all.

Now Andy is really molding into a "real human" as we say over here, "Wow,he's like a real little person, or something!" He can talk just as fast as I can. much to my mothers dismay, and believe me, he is giving me a real run for my talking skills money!

Nielson consumer panel heads up

I know most of you know about Nielson, so I just wanted to give a heads up before I forgot, for those of you who have been wanting to try to get into their homescan program!!

If you do Pinecone, BzzAgent, or don't do any of them, but have heard of Nielson consumer panels, check it out, NOW!!! I love Nielson & have been on several of their panels over the years myself.


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The other side of the tracks.

Now that The Man is home, we've been trying to do more as a family, which inevitably means less blogging, for me. I've been reminded, that life can change in the blink of an eye, and I am trying to make sure that I count my blessings, our health & our happiness daily.

Mike took the kids on a walk, a few weeks ago & came back astonished.
"We crossed the tracks today.. there are nice houses over there, just through a field.. like.. literally.. we live on the other side of the tracks... and not the side you want to be on!!!"

I nearly choked.
I've lived in this town the majority of my life, and yeah.. I'd prefer to live on the other side of the tracks, too!
Our side is a bit........................ country.
Hm.. it's like.. 96% country, 2% crackhead, 2% normal..
I swear.. omg..this is going to be a whole different post isnt it!?! I better focus..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well that was awkward

I wish that I could say this story happened, while doing something awesome, like boozing while browsing but unfortunately, The Man & I were just in the kitchen cleaning up before bedtime.
Boo for boringness.
On what I thought was another routine evening, two things that should never ever EVER mix..Mixed..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love Spring!

Spring is so fresh, and green, it's a nice change after Winter! My favorite part of spring is the flowers. All of my favorites grow in the spring. Hyacinths. Lilacs, Lily of the Valley & Peonies.

The lily of the valley are on their way out, and I've picked tons & filled the house with as many as I can & enjoyed their fragrance. Next is the peonies & I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh yes he did!

My Ryan, DID just crawl into bed, pull up the covers & put himself to sleep. YES HE DID.

He's been doing this lately, sometimes just to rest, or snuggle, but tonight he did it, ALL BY HIMSELF.

<--- His cheese face. Iddent'hecute?

If you know anything about the last few weeks, you know this is so amazing. I tell ya, I was really having a lot of thoughts about not having any more kids, that Ryan will do that to ya from time to time!! (I'm his mom, I can say this, if anyone else does, I will hurt you)

I've been waiting for you, Tuesday..

  • I have been waiting for Tuesday, for a week now. I seriously need to express this most random thought that has been nagging me, since I saw a Secret deodorant ad with a pairs skater in it, while sitting on the shitter last week (fucking calamari)
How many pairs figure skaters out there, are missing appendages?? I'm dead serious. I need to know.I mean.. all that catching & tossing with skates close to fingers..I'm just saying..
  • The Man is officially done with Spring semester. If all goes as planned, one year from now, he will be walking across the stage to get his diploma. My friend Sam told me, when I complained how loonnggg it seems like we have to go, that in the grand scheme of the last 3 years, it's sorta nothing. I was of course like "damnit shh I want to complain!' haha, but it's true, one year left? That's basically nothing, of course, it took us 3 years to get in the swing of balancing our finances & our time & schedules while being in school and being an adult family, but isn't that how those things always work anyway? 
  • The Man also has a bit over a month of being home, with us, until his next summer semester starts. I swear, when he's home it's like I clean, then he walks through a room & things throw themselves off shelves. The house is a disaster & I just keep doing the same things over & over again.
  • Of course, the Man is all "lets do as much as we can, together, since this could be our last summer "off." He has apparently tried to cram in a summers worth of "fun" in the last 4 days.. I'm tired, so is Ryan. 
  • Ryan had his 2 year well check yesterday. 24 months, 30 pounds and 9.8576 ounces, 39.1748 inches and his dome is 19.6858 inches 'round(They give me a nice little print out, I'm copying from it, if not, I'd do what I did on Facebook yesterday & was like "Hes 20 pounds!!!" to which people are like "at 2?? wasn't he 10 lbs at birth?? do you feed him??" Oops.)He also screamed the entire time. Once, when the NP got out the little eye light, he got this face, which cracked both of us up, before turning into a new huge scream, it was one of those "ooohh.. I wanna smile..NO NO NONONO MUST SCREAM!!!!" faces that my son does SO well. It was pretty a painfully loud way, that is.
  • I asked if she had any weaning tips, she kinda laughed, because lets face it, if you've nursed up til age 2, your opening of weaning with out difficulty has basically passed. I'm going to be stuck to this one for ever.I've been having serious boob issues, lately. I've been nursing since July 17th, 2006. I havent missed a day yet. Oh, wait.. I nursed Andy at 8pm on April 13th, then Ryan was born the early morning of April, I didnt have to nurse anyone,w hile in labor for those hours.. That's it. 
I kinda want my boobs back, man.

  • We watched Zack & Miri make a Porno, last night.. It was..... weird. It had some hilarious parts, because obviously I like offensive humor, but the bad-ness of the rest of the movie canceled the good lines. However, one of the actors told his wife, in the movie "I've seen em for 20 years.. No body wants to see your busted ass titties" and sort of flopped them, which is probably the funniest thing I saw in DAYS.. I feel a little like that.
Before kids I didnt even HAVE boobs, now I have boobs that have a kid stuck to them like an apendage. I was laying there, ticked last night nursing Ryan to sleep.
It's just nights that he has had a nap, he doesnt want to fall asleep, and he just wants to lay on me & hum & nurse & kick me when I moved.
Most nights this is ok..but on nap days, I'm all nursed out by 9pm.
At 8pm I'm putting him down & it's ok, and it's nice to have some down time, snuggle time, and to put my sweet boy to bed..but when its 9pm and I'm still looking at his eyes, open wide, I sit there & start to get ticked inside.
I mostly get mad at the man, because everything is his fault, of course.
Last night I was laying there pissed that he sleeps so soundly, and wasnt a helper when the boys were babies, because of course, that is the reason I am still nursing...
((head scratch))
Just go with it, ok??
So I was trying to think of a way to compare it to him..
I got nothing.
Short of asking if I can suck his nipple for 4 hours a day, just once, so he sees what it's like. That really isn't a rational idea...nor one I want to do, either!

Oh on boob-ward ho!!
I'll still be nursing for awhile, is my guess.That's ok..but it is nice to bitch sometimes.. I told Mike awhile back that we are not allowed to discuss another child until I have had my boobs back, all to myself, for one full year. Period.

  • I applied to be the Celebrity Headline writer, for the Examiner for my local edition. I just found out they accepted me!
This is going to be a long, busy next month or so.. really busy, really nuts, and I kind of want to just go back to bed & forget about it all.

Oh! Andy pooped on the potty!! Yep.. ON. I guess we should have said "poop IN the potty" not "lets go poop on the potty!" But uh.. yeah..better luck next time eh?

That's all I got for today!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Freschetta is bett'a!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've made up this little song "Freschetta is bett'a" that I've been singing, since checking out the new
Freschetta FlatBread pizzas this last week. It's catchy, it's really too bad your not in my noggin to hear it!

I admit, we are pizza fans. Ryan especially. The kid loves it & with due right, pizza is great!! I'm a little picky, about my frozen pizzas, heck, about my made to order pizza, too! I'm mostly just picky about the sauce, and the sauce to cheese ratio. It's gotta be right.

I got to check out the new Freschetta FlatBread pizzas, and they pass my test! In fact, the two I got, passed my expectations & were a lot better than many of the store bought frozen pizzas I've had in the past!
They were also on sale, at the grocery store, so I only got to pick from a few varieties as I think the entire town was sampling the new varieties this week. We tried the 5 cheese,.the pepperoni & one more amp; it's really good pizza! Andy liked the pepperoni best, so did Ryan, and Andy can be sort of picky, about his pizza ( weirdo!)but he ate 2 slices.

We tried the 5 cheese, which I dont particularly care for the sauce on, but the portabella mushroom & spinach is to die for people, talk about a Yum-O pizza!!! I used to hate mushrooms, and I'm still picky about them, they have to be prepared properly, but the shrooms on this pizzas were rich & meaty, almost like a meat pizza, but veggie.
I also liked the texture of the crust on the flat bread pizzas, which I'm not always a fan of flat or thin pizzas, but Freschetta really nailed it this time

 Are you a pizza fan? Believe it or not, some people aren't!
If you head over to the Freschetta website, you can get a $1 off coupon right now, here from Freschetta , check out the new varieties and let me know what your favorite pizza is!

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