Saturday, April 3, 2010

You smell like a monkey, and you look like one toooo!!!

32 Years ago my mom was giving birth to what she knew would be the perfect daughter. The daughter she'd always dreamed of having.
Then she popped out my sister, but luckily, I followed 6 years later.
Shheewww..I bet she was worried...

Happy Birthday to my big sister, today.
She is the smart one & the pretty one.
She is kind, thoughtful, caring & has all the wonderful traits that I was probably too busy flirting with some pre-concieved little boy in Heaven, while God was handing those traits out.

Mischa is a smart, kind, helpful, thoughtful sister. A compassionate & insightful teacher, to her students. She is a loving, supportive & OCDcontrolling(it runs in the family ok?)  wife.
She is the daughter my parents are thankful they had first, because had I come first, my parents might have chosen to stop after words.
She is funny, can not hold lots of alcohol (so I hear from her husband!!) she is a great mom to 2 fur babies,and the coolest, most fun aunt to my boys.

Misch, your not only my favorite & best sister, your my favorite & best friend.

Happy Birthday, I love you!

PS- OMFG Your old.

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  1. Hey.... BOTH of my girls are 'the smart one and the pretty one'.... you are an amazing person Claire and I love you 'a million times.'

  2. I agree with Mom! Thanks Claire, you made it a great birthday and, ps, i miss those kids already!

    love you!


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