Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two years ago...

Last year, I began Ryan's birth story, HERE.

And you know what's hilarious? I can't find the post ever finishing the story!!

Today is Ryan's second birthday, and here is the second half, of how he came into the World.

Part One, The story of my Pregnancy, can be found HERE.

I called my mom, she rushed over to stay with Andy & off we went.
This is the part where every 5-7 minutes I'd scream "FUCK!! DRIVE FASTER!" to Mike, then "oh..okay.. this is ok... Sorry.." as we headed for the Hospital....

We got to the hospital, headed straight up to L&D, where I was told the midwife was caught at the other hospital, delivering & they'd called the next on call midwife in. They checked me & when they realized I was at 7, approaching 8 cms, they got me directly in my room.

After being stuck close to 20 times, by a sweet, but needle incompetent nurse, my blood being checked & the midwife showing up, I said "I want a c-section..fucking NOW" The sweet midwife soothed me & reminded me, I didn't come this far, to make that choice in the midst of a painful contraction, yes, I could have one, but maybe wait & see..

Finally, in the down time between contractions, I asked for the epidural. Little did I know, that by the time it was in, I was already fully dialated! She asked to break my water, I agreed & POP. She did.
The nurse motioned the midwife to the side & after they spoke, they told me there was some meconium in my water. I immediately tenses but they assured me there wasnt enough, that as fast as my labor was going, it should be an issue, but they did want to let me know.
I had no urge to push, so I laid down & Mike took a small nap. An hour later I was throwing up, with still no urge to push.
After a small rest, the midwife suggested we try to push, even if I'm not feeling the urge, because I'd been at a 10, for awhile & we needed to get things moving, we still had plenty of time, but, it's best to get it moving a long.

I pushed for awhile.. doing ok.. Suddenly it all seemed to remind me so much of Andy's labor, all the pushing & the lack of progress I was making.. We took a break &  while I relaxed & thought, I suddenly had sharp pains on the right side of my stomach.

This is completely random, but, I had an emergency surgery, when I was 19, to remove one of my ovaries. I mean, I thought I had really bad cramps 7&was REALLY hung over, turns out my ovary had gotten twisted on a vein ( it happens, nothing causes it, just kind of a freak thing) and was basically, about to burst!  I had emergency surgery for it & while I recovered fine & obviously, was able to have children, I had  & still have, issues with the scar tissue, where the ovary used to be.
Too many sit ups, or ab exercises have sent me to the hospital, twice, for excruciating pain.
I knew nothing was wrong with the baby, but the pain I was feeling was so bad, the contractions were forgotten, the epidural didn't stop it, it just HURT.

At that point, I was feeling pretty at peace with how my labor had gone & I said calmly, that I did want a c-section. They called in the OB from my practice, she was at the hospital, a few blocks away & she was heading over immediately. I cried, and they prepped me. Mike went off to get all suited up. While being prepped I started getting upset, and probably slightly delirious from all that good shit they were pumping into my veins.

Next thing I knew, Ryan was here.
April 15th, 7:41am.
10 pounds, 23 inches long.

If you want to see a graphic picture, of Ryan literally, coming into the world, via c-section. click HERE.

Everyone was so flustered over the fact that he was TEN POUNDS, Mike recalls they all looked away from me, and I started to reach for my stomach, gaping open, through the sheets. That's when I heard someone murmur " you see the blood there...." and I floated into another dream land, I only vaguely remember.

Someone asked if I wanted to see Ryan, of course I did. Um..just not hold, I was scared I'd drop him, as whacked out as I was on those drugs, so they brought him to me. I was so touched, because someone had given Ryan a little golden band. It was on his finger & WOW..he WAS huge, they weren't lying!!
I was so touched, as I said "Ohh someone gave him a ring!!.." and then was corrected, I was looking at Mikes wedding ring, on HIS hand, holding his son.

Like I said.. gooodd stuff, them drugs!

It's a blur, as my bladder seemed to have been knicked, and I was lost in lala land of drugs, staples, stiches & likely alot of suction, and more drugs.

Magically I appeared in recovery, I met Ryan, and nursed him, as I deliriously slipped in & out of consciousness for several minutes. I remember, the 2 young male students that were assigned to me, were my age. 23, my peers, and they looked as uncomfortable as I felt.

They asked to take Ryan, and said he'd meet me in my room, after he was checked over again. I was wheeled away & set up in my room. There, another 23 year old blonde haired child pre med student, asked me to get out of my bed, to move to the other bed. I stared at him & said "I just came out of surgery, an hour ago." A nurse stepped in to inform them of my status & I sat there, as these students tried to evaluate me.
I realized an hour had gone by, and asked where Ryan was. They went to check & told me he'd spiked a temperature,(due to the meconium in my fluids) and they'd been with him, now he was fine & on his way.

Ryan & I were reunited & began my recovery & the process of meeting eachother. I'd been nursing my whole pregnancy, so this was nothing new, as he nursed, I dozed , he pooped, I got pain meds.

I'd also like to say, that as one having been a student, in a medical field, I understand & appreciate the concept of learning hospitals. I also would like to say, that next time, I'm going to say a big fat "fuck NO" when I'm asked if it's ok they come in & "learn on me"
I asked for my peers, to not help me wipe my ass, as half of them checked their hair & makeup, in my room's mirror. They left for the day, and I only admitted 2 students after that, 2 girls, one of which looked pissed that this was nothing like Grays Anatomy, as she cracked her gum, the other did a good job evaluating me & was the only reason I let them stay.
Never again. PERIOD.  I have a "age 32 and up" requirement, for students to learn on me, from now on, and gum must be spit in the trash at the door.
I just made all this up, but seriously, I was 23, and at 26 now, I STILL don't want a 24 year old peer of mine, likely from my OWN University, asking to change my pad, kapeesh?

After we'd been settled awhile,the on call doctor,from my practice came to check on me, for the daily rounds & asked if I was ready for a blood transfusion.Check out how WHITE I am, in this picture!


Apparently my iron had dropped so low, they were recommending a blood transfusion. I was like "ew, that's gross" (ha, shallow, even in the face of doom!) and asked if I had to have it, they said no, I could wait & see if my iron picked up in the next 24 hours & go from there. I declined, for the time being.Then I asked when I could get my Prozac up'ed.. Mama was ready.

Over the next 24 hours, I was confined to my bed, as my iron & blood work was so low, if I stood & attempted to walk, I was basically a liability.

So, we recovered, rested & waited. Ryan didn't have poopy diapers, like Andy did. I once compared catching, yes, in my hand, Andy's poop, to a out of control fire hose.. Ryan just wasn't having it.  In the midst of all those after birth hormones, I was worried due to my nursing through pregnancy, he wasn't getting enough to eat.
Talking about breastfeeding with any person, or health official, who isn't thoroughly informed, sucks.
Like, the fact that I breastfed, WHILE pregnant, was unfathomable to several nursed. It was like talking to a wall, they just didn't get my question, or what I was saying.
Finally one doctor told me "I think it's fine" after one nurse told me "Well he's obviously not eating then, so get a bottle"

I'd like to say, this same formula pushing stoopid nurse, was also assigned to me, the first night, after my c-section. I wasn't allowed to get up, to use the bathroom, obviously. So, it was her job to assist me in changing things like my pee, out of the catheter bag, and the pads I was laying on & sitting on, to collect blood. This nurse didn't check on me the entire shift, Mike had to run to get someone when he noticed my urine bag going back up, into the tube. I was assigned a head nurse, for the rest of my stay, who was pretty pissed I'd been neglected ( I'm talking like, what is it.. bed rash? That old people get when left in diapers?? Kind of like diaper rash, for babies) I actually had it on my lower butt, by the time this nurses shift, was up.
Luckily, after that I got excellent care, and that nurse was reprimanded, and hopefully made to eat pee, since that's basically what happened to me & my catheter. Bitch.
I'm proud to say, that neither of my boys, have ever had Formula & I'm thankful I didn't listen to that moron.

A day later, was the first time I was allowed to walk,. As I was assisted to slowly attempt getting out of bed,blood raced into my pee, and I was back down for another 24 hours. By day 3, I said "I feel great! Lets try again"
I felt like shit, but I wanted to go home, so bad.

The blood in my pee stopped & I began to walk the hospital, cheerily waving, to make sure the nurses saw my fabulous progress.

Ryan had no problems, since the first few hours & he was ready to go home. We were just waiting on me.

Eventually, I was released & the 3 of us headed home to meet Andy, who was now a big brother, and his sweet baby 21 month old self, had just spent his first 3 days with out mommy!!

I suppose you could say the rest is the making!

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  1. I posted on 2 yrs ago today!

  2. Happy birthday Ryan!!!

  3. Dude, thinking about my little sister in the hospital still scares the crap out of me. Love you guys and Happy 2 Ryan!

  4. Awww great story! No way it has been 2 years! seriously.. I remember the day you came to the board and told us...
    It is amazing how they grow on/ in you huh? :)
    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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