Monday, April 19, 2010

Temptation is Beautiful.


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It's almost like this fell into my lap. Just this morning, I was emailing with my BFF, and touched on our long standing Trip to Vegas, plans.

I personally, have never been. Mike, has been many times &  seen & done ( no hooker jokes please) it all in Vegas. They routinely went every so often, as Mikes step father was a pretty amazing gambler. Mike has some fun stories of his step father making enough per visit for the rest of the trip, and the year! Pretty impressive.. I however, have different plans for Vegas. They include my 2 very best friends, no children &  me lifting my ban on drinking. They don't say "Vegas Baby!!' for nothing..

Temptation is Beautiful is giving away a weekend, to the city of Temptation..Vegas, of course!  A weekend, plus $1500 spending money for 3 friends, to get away to Vegas. 

Count me in!! This has been on us girls calanders for 4  now, and it's getting closer, ever year. How amazing would it be to win a weekend, spending cash & speed that vacation up to um..NOW?!

I took the quiz as I was doing my daily entry today to find out how Tempting I am, and I think it's broken, because I only got this, for my score-

What do you mean just right?? I want to be HOT HOT HOT!! I guess I lost one "hot" per child I've had..huh??
Which is exactly why I need to get away, to Vegas.. to get some of my "hot" back! ..Pshh..women don't find me threatening?? I guess mac & cheese in the hair will do that for a gal..

Not only are they giving away an amazing vacation, at Temptation is Beautiful but they're giving away amazing daily prizes. You can enter daily, to win that great gift basket, pictured above, chock full of some of my own favorite beauty supplies. I am in love with Biore products, so winning that alone would be a plus, for me!

Take the Temptress Temperature Quiz, while you enter for your own chance to win a Vegas weekend, at Temptation is Beautiful and tell me how HOT HOT HOT you are!  I want to know all about it.
Don't forget, that sharing your results via the social network sites gets you extra entries, into the giveaway!! So, share away!!

While your at it, I'd love to know who each of you would do with a get away, for 3, to Vegas, so tell me the details of your dream vacay in Sin City.

And hey? If you win..can I go with you??
I tend to get kind of slutty when drunk..Haaayyy!!

Contest for US residents only.
Visit my sponsor: Temptation is Beautiful

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  1. I also rated as just right. That works for me.


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