Tuesday, April 27, 2010


That's how I talk, or think, in my head sometimes. Like.. It's r-r-r-really cold.
Actually no, I don't think I do, I just made that up..

I do stutter sometimes, when I get nervous. Then I laugh at the stutter, then I get even more flustered. Then I'm over it, because I already looked about as stoopid as I could stuttering & giggling like a fool.

So.. Andy peed on his face yesterday. That was sweet.
Read all about it here.
I'd say we're about 98% potty trained. The other 2% being exactly that. #2.
Poor guy totally pooped his little car panties last night. He just ran off, squeezed it out & as I walked past the door mid push I saw his face, remembered his diapers & said "Oh! Andy, you have on underwear!"
He promptly got a worried look.
I didn't want to giggle, so thank gawd Mike was home, he came in & took over for me.
Ok, actually I just told him "That's all you dude, sorry."

I also have NO intention of doing dishes.
I really like our landlords.. and I really like the price we pay to live here.. For a full  single family house, a big ass back yard, in a popular college town that can charge $1500-$2k a month & 4 guys will spilt it... and trash the house.. We got a DEAL.
However, whoever built this house is a complete fucktard.
I actually need to take pictures to fully explain, but it's like, things are built into the walls & corners with no reference to their use.
Like, cabinets that go SO far back, you surely cant actually put anything in it, much less see it, find it, or get it back out.They added on a back/laundry/mud room apparently, because in the corner, there is a hole in the floor ( drain) and they just put carpet right on top of the cement..
Like..there is a hole there dude..wtf? It's the floor!

There is no storage. It's too small. And obviously, there is no (non human) dishwasher.
Lately I've been doing my cooking dishes, as I go, but every damn day I get to the place of  having one load left of laundry..Then Mike comes home.
So, I decided I just don't want to do dishes.
He can.
And if it means having no spoons, eh.. I can wash one or 2 as I need them..

We're suposed to plant the garden today, but the weather online literally TOLD me to "keep a close eye on this forecast" with some forceful words that I don't remember but I know I was like "that's rude wording..."
So... I'm apparently mandated to check back to this weather channel to see whats going on.
A big frost that "could DESTROY CROPS!" might be coming in tonight.

Eh,Screw you weather website.. I'll watch the news to find out my weather instead.

Here is a sneak peak at my garden post, coming up hopefully, tomorrow.
The rude weather people will let us know.

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  1. Love the term "fucktard"- it brings a perverse sense of political correctness to the old standby. Good luck with the urine stream.

  2. We recently went through our second and last potty training. When our boy crapped his spider-oos underwear, we would just toss them. It wasn't worth the $2.50 it cost to buy a new pair.

  3. OK, I went back and read the peeing on his face post. Freaking hilarious! Sounds a lot like something my son would do, and he is potty trained. He just sometimes has bad aim :)

    I always hate when people give me unsolicited advice, but I'm going to do the same to you. Sorrys. Try bribing him to go poop on the potty. We had a small plastic case with die cast tractors and cars in it above the toilet and he knew that each time he would get one. We found a bunch at a consignment store, so it was pretty cheap, and we would often just refill it with cars we had already given him and he didn't notice. Good luck!

  4. Good luck with the potty training. Glad it's going well. I read the pee/face story. Hilarious! My son never did that, but he did piss in his dad's face when he was a baby. HaHA! He was just getting what he deserved. Happy RTT.

  5. Okay I obviously need to get caught up! I will do that asap.

    I have to say we have the dishwasher but not everything can go through it and whatever needs to be hand washed is totally the hubby's job. BLECH!

    Can't wait to hear all about your garden!

  6. Good luck with the garden. I hope your plants survive.

    I totally understand about the fucked up cabinet designs.

  7. I love houses like that!

    Y'know, for OTHER people.


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