Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sparkly Sparkly Mothers Day gifts.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bliss Living. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mothers Day is coming up, as I think we all know. Ahh Mothers Day, a day of no chores, no whining, luxurious bubble baths, champagne, chocolate.. all things sparkly & glamourous.

However, if your actually a Mother, you know that probably only exists in movies ( and if that exists in your daily life, email me, I need some tips) More than likely, like myself your just hoping you can sleep in a little bit. G
ifts & trinkets & all those things luxurious are nice, but a true mom is lucky if she get's a nap & to eat her sandwich by herself, WITH the crust. THOSE are the things that make "our day" a little more special.

I kid. I kid sort of.  Mothers Day gifts are just as hard to pick out for me, as any other gift.  I have most everything I already want, and I'm incredibly picky, jewelry wise & I'd say that Champagne taste, on a beer budget, sums me up well.

Mike asked what I'd like this year, and I've been browsing & rackign my mind for ideas. This year I'm a bit out of it & just not feeling the gifts.

Or so I thought...

I was given the chance to check out Bliss Living Jewelry and bada bing, gift found!!

I am in love with this double charm necklace.

Part of my issue, with jewelry is I really like things simple. I don't like gold unless I've chosen it myself, I don't like gaudy, I don't like clunky, chunky beady items. The list of what I don't like, compared to what I do, is pretty long.

What's more simple that a delicate chain, a gem & 2 (for me, atleast) reminders of the most important reasons you are a mom, on Mothers Day, than this necklace??

I have honestly spent a good hour, pouring over Bliss Living Jewelry  trying to pick out which is my absolute favorite item, EVER. I truly love the delicate double charm, but I'm fairly sure I decided on the Fleur di Lis Tag, as my hands down favorite piece.
It combines all my favorites. The delicate chains, the fleur di lis, which I've loved in jewelry since I was a child ( mom, do you remember my necklace??) this is an all around perfect piece, for me.

For those of us you who enjoy Celebrity Baby blog, your sure to join my thoughts in saying that I love the Celebrity jewelry!!! Can we say drool?

This Mothers Day, no matter what any of us get, be it a $5,000,000 dollar necklace, or a sloppy kiss, from those who made us Mothers, it's a day for us, about us. And damnit, we deserve it!

So I want all of you moms, to take a few minutes to drool over the gorgeous selections & tell me what jewelry item you want, for Mothers Day from the collection at Bliss Living Jewelry

In fact, link me to your favorite item!  That way I can directly copy & paste..em..incause anyone out there needs hints, this year ;)

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  1. Wow, Mother's Day is around the corner! My favs would have to be, baby and mommy, birthstone, vintage and then probably the one you have pictured double charm. All of them actually are lovely. Come over for a visit if you wish. Nice blog! ~Amy

  2. I want a Mother's ring....but, I can't get one until after Maisy is born because we don't know what her birthstone will be yet.


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