Monday, April 12, 2010

So.. So what? Sew buttons on your I WEAR underwear..duh

So.. I'm in love. I'm talking head over heels absolutely crazy want to shout it from the top of my lungs in love.

With some of you crazy fuckin' bitches, that is.
This UBP has done wonders for my confidence, I mean.. some of you are all like "omg your so funny" and I'm like "tee hee! Yeah!!" ((hair flip))

But seriously, I suffer from a serious disorder known as boredomADD. I get boreddistracted & burnt out easily.

That's why recently, I decided to stop saying yes, to everyone who wants to send me a 3 squares of toilet paper, to use then write 250+ words about.  I really like your toilet paper, dear Mr. Person.. shit tickets make my world go round, believe you me. However, this blog was supposed to be for me to be like "hey look.. my dog eats poop"
Not "hey, look, I clean my own poop with ___ you should buy it!"
I don't poop.
It's a gift.
Or.. a curse... from eating too much cheese.......

Hmmmm....That's something to think about, eh??

But on all seriousness, this UBP has been so much fun so far & it's been really nice to find some other not so mom, mom blogs. It's also made me face the cold hard reality, that I have avoided doing an "about me" since I started this blog.

About me.. like, seriously??
Um.. I like white tic tacs, gummy candy ( as noted in my profile because this is soo important, to know about me.)
I don't really like  large birds, like ducks, turkey, roosters,etc. I've been bitten, chased, attacked & cornered by far too many farm animals in my day. Seriously, like, field trips to the farm? Claire gets cornered & snapped at by a turkey.. Mean fuckers..

Uh..see, that's all I got. I've been working on a 100 things, post, for close to 6 months, I think I have 20 so far.

But, for those of you who have just joined me, I wanted to say hi, and thanks, because this UBP was just the boost I needed to get back into doing what I truly want to do with my blog.

And yes, clicking links I put on my page can be scary, toothy vaginas are not for everyone, but if you've always wondered where squirrels poop, I can help you with that.
My blog title didnt used to be "Are Muffins just Ugly Cupcakes? Where DO squirrels poop? for nothing..

If your looking for random thoughts, humor & yes, some mom talk on a new blog, then this is the place to be.
However, for those of you not as enthusiastically weird & adventuerous in wanting to learn things like "Wait.. What is this 2 girls, 1 cup thing about??"  this is your warning,I do put warnings on links (unless I forget, then that sucks..) don't open links with children in the room

I'm night time reading, at best, for those of you with little eyes. I personally, put my kids in a dog crate, while I'm in the computer, so I can be sure they don't see any images that might taint their pretty little eyes.

I've been unplugging,on the weekends.
A little less Farmville, a little more digging in my own garden.Ya know, that one that exists in real life..
A little more taking pictures of Rhino ass, at the Zoo, a little less being called an ass, online.

To say the least, it's been nice & if nothing else, gives me more to talk about, on Monday.

For example.. this weekend, Mike & I watched 2 giant groundhogs beat eachothers asses, in our back yard.
Seriously. It was like a cartoon. You know when animals get in fights, in cartoons & they roll in that little ball, with things like * and # above their head? JUST like that.
Mean fuckers..I TOLD Mike groundhogs are vicious blood thirsty animals.. he didn't believe me. I was leaving as the groundhog fight to the death was beginning. When I later got home, Mike told me "I think the big one killed the other.. because I watched them for 20 minutes, and the noises got angry, then desperate, then they stopped, and the big guy walked out of the woods... alone."

Um.. OMG! I told him to just not tell me anymore & if he takes care of the groundhog problem himself, not to tell me about it...

Yeah, oh.. man.. I have some stories.. I oughta go get writing, before I forget!!

If you haven't check out the Ultimate Blog Party, 2010, do so here. My post, for the party is right here.

And for those of you, new subscriber friends who I love & want to lick each & every one of your faces..

Here are a few posts to get you started.
  • HERE is The day I saw a squirrel poop.. It was a magical, miraculous day.
  • THIS is how my blog got started.
  • Or,read about WHY I'm a bad mom...and weird..
  • Random thoughts.. HERE 
  • If you feel like being sad, for some reason, you can also read about how my cat, Chuck, recently died. HERE

So, Hello! Welcome you fabulous new soon to be friends & to those of you who are new, to my stalkingreading list, as well!

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  1. DUDE. FUCK A BUNCH OF GEESE. Seriously. I HATE GEESE. They are mean, nasty, EVIL ANIMALS that are OUT TO KILL ME. Once, a goose looked at me and hissed. IT HISSED. I screamed and ran away.

  2. Just when I think it's not possible to fucking love you more you blow me out of the water!

    I am a little bit of a germaphob so the licking of the face I may pass on {besides I get enough of that from the little ones} but I am sure we can find another way to express this love affair! ;-)

  3. Chick you are hilarious!!! Thanks for stopping by for #UBP. You are certainly in "This is crazy ass blog, must read." category in Google Reader


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