Friday, April 30, 2010

So so we went to the park, the creepy one.

I want to post  the second part, of Ryans birthday adventures before we head outside, because yes, it was 35 degrees the other night, but it's 80 today. Only in Ohio!
I desperately want need a real camera.
I've wanted one, as Andy says "my whoolleee life"
I had the opportunity, as a kid, but never took it up. Now I absolutely am wanting a camera,wishing I'd pursued photography.
I won first place in a City Wide photo contest as a kid (third grade) for a photo I took of Presque Isle before a storm. It was a good picture..

Super wish granter, if you read my blog. I want a camera, kay?
A real one.

I told you all about the creepy park, which unfortunately happens to be one of my long time favorites, before.(If you missed that post, check it out here)

Since Mike was home for Ryans birthday, and can be all "I am man." and protect us from creepy men in trees, we headed to the park/playground on Ryans birthday.

Prepare for picture overload.

We ALL had a BLAST!
Ryan is an outdoors man. He likes the playground, but what he truly loves is just walking, running & wandering around the huge openness of the fields. He's truly our son!

Andy ventured into a new climbing section, of  a very old playground set that I in fact, remember playing on when I was just a little older than Andy.

Once he was to the top, we found this!!


Up next, Ryan vs Cake.

Here is a sneak peek until then!

As always, thanks for reading. Leave me a comment, so I feel loved, as I start my weekend & as long as I can find you, I'll come leave you one back.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. That inch worm video was too cool!

    And uh.... you posted a pic of MY camera. :)
    Seriously, that was my Christmas present, LOL

  2. awwwwwwwwww adorable,All of it!! Especially the picof Ryan coming down the slide<3

    P.S. This is NOT Kristopher rotf,Its Sabrina and for some reason Google is being an ars and commented under Kris's account

  3. Wow. it looks like a great time for sure. Even the inch worm. What a nice park, you know as long as the man is there with you.

  4. Oh your boys are so adorable! I loved the picture of the two of them holding hands. Awwww!!

    Ewww Worms!


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