Sunday, April 25, 2010

She's not dead, just sleeping.

Seriously. I'm not dead, just sleeping.

I do this, where I go for so long & then after a few months I HAVE to catch up on sleep & then I'm good, as then I do it all over again.

This weekend & hopefully this week, I'm still going to be MIA a bit while I catch up on things around the house,yard & life.

I've been struck with horrible allergies, which is odd, because I typically only get allergies in the Fall. My mom said "Oh yeah, the news said this Spring/Year is going to be the worst allergy season in YEARS."

Awesome.  I can only take so much in the way of medications, due to nursing & being allergic to everything under the sun. So, I currently feel like I'm high on crack ( or what I imagine a crack head would feel like, at least.. never tried it for myself, thankfully!) with a faucet for a nose & eye balls that I am certian will only stop itching when rubbed with sandpaper.

I just didn't want to leave ya hanging..
I've got the next install of "Our story" (what? not caught up, start HERE.) coming up, pictures from Ryan's birthday, the switch to my domain name & other fun stuff

So.. haha.. now you just have to wait until I don't feel like crap.

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  1. Quite okay my dear...I'll wait! ;-)

  2. Allergies are the WORST. It has been really bad here as well.


  4. Wow, I think we're sharing allergies this year!! I seriously had an errant thought about sandpaper for scratching my friggin' eyes with earlier this week. Grr... In hopes of brightening your day, I came by to say that I am giving you the Honest Scrap Award! =) Follow this link to read all about it and get the skinny on it. =) Hope you feel better soon!!


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