Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ryan's Birthday morning..

I finnaally got around to uploading all the pictures from Ryan's birthday. I have had nothing but troubles, with my software for my Sony camera.
I actually used the online live help, recently, to try to figure out what the heck was going on. The guy actually helped me, but he didn't help me solve the problem, just work around it.
I actually drew a picture, while I was receiving his very. slow. help.

Ehm...awkward pause..

Back to Ryan!

We scooped him up, first thing in the morning, got him dressed & we were "go go go" all day. My theory was "The quicker we go for fun, the less time to cry" because Mr. Ryan not only turned 2, but he is getting his 2 year molars. And the terrible 2's started early, for my crazy little stinker. Melt downs are not a common thing, Yay.

You can see he's barely awake, in the first few pictures, haha. He had a good day, I think! I mean, I'm 26 & I enjoyed the day, being 2, it must have been quite awesome!

Here are the first of the pictures, because of course, I took TONS! I'll be posting them in sections, through out the day so I can share my favorites, with all of you.

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  1. Oh he is darling! I bet he had the best day.

    Feel your pain with the molars...Monkey doesn't even have all of her front teeth but she has her 2 year mollars. They suck!!


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