Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parents Choice Savings Calculator

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One thing I've learned since having kids, is that everyone does their own thing differently. While I breastfed my children, that isnt for everyone & that is a personal choice.
I don't care what you feed your baby, just as long as you DO feed your baby!

Well.. don't give like, a 6 week old steak... or a newborn Coca-Cola..or wheat...or honey...
I would care about those things..eek!
And you'd be surprised, those of you shaking your head.. I've heard some stories.
To each their own but I don't think it's a coincidence when an newborn baby is introduced to  wheat/strawberries/milk, and then develops a gluten intolerance/strawberry allergy/lactose intolerance. I've seen it first hand and's not pretty.

Either way you look at it, there are tons of choices for everything from diapers, to formula, to baby wipes.. and those are just childrens products.
Children's products can be expensive, from food to diapering to clothing, it all does cost money, so saving where you can is always nice, right?

Parents Choice, a brand most parents know, has put out a savings calculator for parents to calculate exactly what they spent & could save by switching formula brands.

Jaw drops on the floor HERE.

I had NO idea formula was so expensive, holy crap!!
I filled in the labels & brands of formula I know of from friends discussing it, or friends who have had babies with tummy troubles & have discussed the different brands & types, at length. I was shocked to see that the average savings from switching to Parents Choice, is around $600 a year.

I'd love to know what other peoples results are!! Check out the savings calculator then come tell me what you'd save(or could have, in the past, if you have an older child) by switching to Parents Choice.


And..tell me what you'd use that savings on!!

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