Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pampers Dry Max Giveaway! (one week of diapers)

If you guys recall, I told you about the recent free 3 pack promotion, Pampers recently had.

They challenged me to use the new Pampers with Dry Max for one week & to share my results.

I've adored Pampers from the start. From the tiny newborn ones we had stocked when Andy came home, to the larger, small ones we had for Ryan. We've used over night versions & tried every brand, available to use, but Pampers always stands out for having softer, more flexible, premium diapers.

I used cloth diapers, with both boys, but I've almost always kept disposables on hand, for night times & outings, as both boys, have always been big pee'r.With Ryans sensitive skin, many disposable diaper companies  changed their purple ink, yes, their ink, a year ago & we found out the hard way, from his pediatrician. However, Pampers, amongst the other leading brands, was the one we found that didn't cause a painful red rash on my poor babies tummy, and believe me, that's a good thing for Ryan!

Pampers Dry Max didn't disappoint. Andy is potty training, but Ryan, who has sensitive skin, didn't react to these diapers, which is a big plus, of course! He is a big night pee'er, and his skin stayed soft & dry, through the night.The stretchy leg gussets stayed in place as he ran, jumped & climbed all over everything!

One of my readers will win this gorgeous Liz Lange clutch, and a coupon for a week's worth of Pampers Dry Max diapers, free!

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  1. Your fan on fb (and in real life)
    Justforme Andyou

  2. I commented on "My really really long pregnancy, with Ryan." -- I would've anyway. :)

  3. Oh and I also follow you on Twitter! *Mwah*

  4. You're all kinds of awesomeness and I follow your Facebook page thingy.

  5. Fan on FB :o) Charlotte is not quite ready to potty train (though I keep trying, lol) and we have been using 'sposies on her for awhile, since she's such a big girl she doesn't fit into my one size dipes anymore. Having no clue when she would potty train, didn't feel right to go order a bunch of xl 'sposies it is.

  6. I am already a fan on FB and follow you on Twitter. I just suggested you to several of my friends on FB :)

    Brady still isn't potty trained :|

  7. I am your fan on facebook!


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