Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh April Fools..I never tire of you..

As a kid I LOVED practical jokes. I remember going to the store to pick gag toys out with my dad. I also remember my mom washing the ink, out of my "turn your hands black  soap"
That sucks.

I had a squirting flower, whoopie cushions, hand buzzers, you name it. I still think jokes & gags are hilarious & I'm easily amused.

Today is April Fools, and I wont be playing any jokes ( or WILL I?) because I learned my lesson.
I remember picking up the cutest little frilly dress, for my friend who had a girl, a few years ago. When Mike came hom I held it up & showed it to him & he asked "omg, are you pregnant??"
I just went with it & said yes.
He teared up & was so excited I felt bad & immediately said "I'm kidding, ohgod"

We had a minute where we just stared at each other & someone said "well it wouldn't be so..." Then we snapped out of it, shook our heads, looked at Andy & said "stick to the plan"
Shortly after, Andy had his first birthday.
The next week I found out I was pregnant with Ryan.

I don't joke anymore..

As a kid, I got my dad with the same joke, probably 4 years in a row, as a kid. My dad is 6 foot 7. His crotch is level with the sink.
Walk to sink,put a like colored rubber band over the sprayer, so it is held in the "on" position, ask him to get me a glass of water...

..Wait for it..

Annndd he looks like he peed himself.

Ha ha.

Never gets old..I'm telling you.. Try it on someone you care about,today.

I AM going to my mom & dads house today.. mmuuaaahhh hhaaaa  haaaaa!

Happy April Fools everyone..trick someone you love(safely!), today!

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  1. LOL You are awesome! If you do fool your parents somehow today you totally have to blog it!

  2. the sink sprayer is one of my favorite gags never gets old and it pisses dh off to no end !!!! miss you :)


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