Monday, April 12, 2010

I like your Jeep, baby.

And on is my chronicled version of How I met Your Father. If you haven't read Part One. I suggest you do so, now.

Up to speed?

I saw him!! Again. Mr. Handsome from the night before. I'd be lying if I said that I didnt put on some lip gloss, perk up & forget about whatshisface who had me so upset to begin with.
I remember smiling as I moved to the other end of the bar, to play one of those quarter eating games.
This really trashy whoreygross girl I worked with at the time moved into my old seat, asked Mike to move over & play a game with her.
I'm fairly sure this is where I got "the look"

I sat there & watched herself pour her assself all over Mike, in an attempt to flirt with him, while he looks positively un interested. After a few desperate minutes, she went back to work.
I of course, always one for perfect opportunities,moved back into my seat & said Hi.

I remember he said "Sorry, I over heard, sorry about your boyfriend" or some crap..I dont know.. He has really attractive lips.. I was likely staring at his crotch them. I'm fairly sure I was like "Yeah, he was a douche.. so.. Whats up?" which launched into what would turn into a 6 hour conversation that now, 5+ years later, still hasnt ended.

What I remember most about that first conversation, is once we both realized how much we wanted to bone enjoyed each others company, I remember crossing my legs, towards him, as we sat in the corner of the bar, at an uncomfortable angle.
I put my hands down, on my lap & remember a few minutes later, looking down & seeing Mikes hands.
They were attempting to reach for mine, yet hesitant, I could read it all in his hand, so I reached over & took his.

Yes, I pursued him, I guess.
As he said, and still says "You were(and still are!) the hottest woman I've ever seen, I figured there was no way in hell you'd ever talk to me, much less want to be with me!!"

We eventually moved into a booth, where we stayed & talked until it was closing time. I remember sitting, with his arm around me, and we leaned in for the first kiss....

After some head in the clouds kisses we had the "I like you.. wanna date?" talk, where I made him ASK me to be his girlfriend
( This is where bitches get it wrong, if it isn't official, it doesn't count!)

Then we made out in his Jeep & parted ways. As boyfriend & girlfriend.

Little did we know that the next several months would be crucial in who I (hell, WE) turned out to be, and how I figured out a lot about myself.
I think neither of us knew, that soon I'd be in 3 car accidents in the course of 7 days, I'd break up with Mike, go back to my ex, have the cops called on us for the argument ( HA! This is one of my favorite stories.. maybe I should double check before I tell it.....) that ensued due to my breaking up-ness.
And I definitely didn't know, that what I thought was going to be a fun fling, would leave me feeling stupid, and missing the first "Full Package" ( and not just that type of package!) guy I'd finally found.

Ready for part 3?
I'd say it's the juiciest, longest, full of absolute craziness section, of "How I met Your Father"

Wonder when I'll post it...



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