Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you looking to start your own website, or get a domain name?


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you guys know, I'm in the process of switching to my own domain name. My father in law, has a host, er, server, er.. something. I'm not entirely sure.
In the process of my being not so entirely sure, I deleted the entire site, in the course of about 10 minutes, after he gave me access to the beginning set up.
He of course, was like "Hey no big deal, I can fix it" (and Mike mentioned something about a chuckle with  a "in my entire 20+ years, no one has ever deleted my work.." comment) but I pretty much feel stoopid.

For those of you like me, who need a little extra help & an easy, guided host for the creating, of your own domain name. Look no further. Nexx. Inc offers Unlimited Web Hosting for your domain/websites.

They offer some amazing perks, like one full year of UNLIMITED web hosting and one free .COM domain name for only $10.Each $10 Nexx hosting plan includes:
Diskspace: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
E-mail: Unlimited
Free Domains: 1
24/7 Customer Support
Google Adwords Credits: $50
Facebook Ads Credits: $50  (jeeaallouusss!!!)

All Nexx hosting services are powered by a top tier North American datacenter which utilizes clustered server technology, allowing proper resource allocation at all times so customers’ websites will never go down or slow down.  This is huge for me. I don't want to be on a call for 45 minutes to speak to someone in Afboogastan who I can't understand. Nothing against Afbooastanian, but I just don't speak it!

Having a North American data base is huge, because when your website, your business, your page that represents you, is down or having difficulties that you need assistance with, you want it. Fast!

"We’re committed to providing customers with affordable solutions to establish and grow web presence. At just $10 for the first year, this unlimited hosting package provides a great opportunity to those who have not yet experienced our state-of-the-art technology and top quality customer service," says Suat Alaybeyoglu, Director of Marketing. "On top of all the included rich features, we’re also providing a money back guarantee to all new customers."

If you are looking for Unlimited Web Hosting with a webhost, a sever, er, domain, er.. whatever it is that you need to get a website launched, check out Nexx.Inc, they can tell you all the things that I don't even understand myself.

As I've been checking out Nexx, myself, I've been chuckling to myself so I've got to say it..

I bet my father in law wishes I'd checked these guys out before I came to him, huh?
Then all my oopsie's would be their problem! I feel really bad you guys.. like.. really bad.. For those of you who know anything about servers.. I think I did a big boo boo, on his...

So, for those of you with our a very patient, helpful father in law webhost guru, whoa re looking to start a domain, what are you waiting for??
Go check out the Unlimited Web Hosting over at Nexx. Inc & leave me a link to your new site!!

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