Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Andy-ism

The scene: I'm in the kitchen.Andy just helped me mix blueberry muffins, I put them in the oven & he went in the living room.

Andy: "What about...we pee in the potty!!!" 
(He is "suggesting" it, or "great ideas" a lot lately, like "What about we have some...ice cream!!" for example)

Me: "OK! Let's go! I'll meet you in there!"
(walks to bathroom, where he is pulling pants down, sitting on little potty)



Me: Ahh!! 
(puts hand over him/the toilet & tries to steer him, and his peeing pee pee past the getting too small for him splash guard on the little potty)) Yeah you did buddy!! ((laughs gently, so not to upset him))

Andy:  ((bursts into tears)) "Oh nooo"

Me: ((big over exaggerated giggles)) OMG That's so SILLY Andy! You peed on your FACE!! heheeee!!

Andy: ((giggle)) I peed on my face.. hee..Oh NO! I peed on my pants!!

We got new pants, and cleaned the pee face.
I tried not to laugh hysterically the entire rest of the day, every time he peed ( now, on the BIG potty, because the little one "spills") because I'll never forget the look of pure shock on his face, and the "wow" of my own.

Potty training is fun. And happening, more importantly, for us. Thank goodness for times like these, that make the entire thing, struggles & all completely worth it.

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  1. LOL that's too funny and I would have never been able to hold back a laugh! The pee guards where always too small for Isaiah too :D

  2. Peed on his face? Wowser. And I thought I was the only one who does that.

  3. Oh to have the pressure to be able to pee on my face. (((((((sigh))))))

  4. Oh poor little guy! I can only imagine...well no I can't since I don't have to worry about that stuff with three girls but YIKES! I am sure it took everything you had to not burst into a roaring laugh and embarrass him. ;-)


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