Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After the egg hunt,the real fun began!

I got so many cute pictures from the crazy insane Easter egg hunt, I wanted to share a few more, before I forget!!

Wait..what was I doing??

Kidding, but seriously, I am the most forgetful & we've had so much going on lately & I am trying to remind myself to do a bit more of photos & updates on the boys, for friends & family who read here to keep in touch with what is going on in our lives.
After the egg hunt was over, in like, 60 seconds flat, about 200 people just zoomed on out of the park & we headed over to the other end, to hit the playground.
This was at a park that I grew up going to, hung out there as a teen, jogged a long the back paths as a young adult, you name it. It's always been a place I've spent lots of time at, since I was born, quite literally!
I, however hardly ever go there anymore because last time I took the kids, some creepy dude was standing in the bushes smoking watching the children. We stayed while a day camp class was playing while the teachers(aka other adults) were supervising. Once they packed up, we did as well, and as we pulled out, a police car pulled in.
The next time I went, there was just 2 older gentleman packing up after a bike ride & another few people playing, so we stayed & played.
A woman came over, walking her dog & said "Sweetie, I just wanted to let you know, because i'm leaving soon, there isnt anyone else here, I was here with my grandkids a few months ago, and 2 drunks men, in a truck, pulled in, revved the truck & began to plow into the playground.I grabbed my kids as fast as I could..." ((long conversation yayayayaya))

Anyway, see here?? ((points)) Thats from the damage "

I have no idea.. this lady was talking alot & Mike has made me watch too many mystery shows, so I was like "Okay, I get it, don't be alone at the park"

Uh..see what I mean, I just came here to post pictures & now I'm telling you about the creeper that stands in the bushes at the towns playground..Hm.


I, like every parent, am quite sure I have truly the cutest children..


So, enjoy, and your welcome ahead of time, for sharing their sweetness with you!!!



  1. Beaauuutifullll family!!!

  2. Awwww Claire!!!! I can NOT believe they are so big now :). You are makin me... almost .... want a baby boy to play with.. sigh....give them a hug from my girls.


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