Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Have you ever needed to translate something from one language to another? I know I have. I know someone out there is staring at that Chinese symbol tattoo they thought meant "love" wishing they had  translators then, huh?

I recently came across Translia for my translation needs & wanted to tell you a bit about what I learned of them.

"Translia is an innovative translation service platform. It's unique collaborative translation technologies enables hundreds and even thousands of translators to work together for delivering translations in a manner better and quicker than ever before.

Registering is free. There are no minimum word count or minimum charge limit. That means clients can translate as many as million words or as less as one word or a sentence, saying a name, brand, business card.

Translia maintains the world's largest professional translator network. The outcome is the clients may get their contents translated from/to any major languages. For the same reason, all jobs are done by the translators who possess the necessary subject expertise, from business, finance to electronics and mechanics.

Translia streamlines the processes in such a manner that the clients can get translations with just a few clicks and the turnaround is shorter than any other services. For small translation jobs, clients may get finished translation on the same day or even in several hours.

Translia offers a set of unique services that help clients set appropriate price and time, choose right translators for their translation projects. Regardless you're an experienced client or buying translation service for the first time, you can get the job done smoothly.

Clients can always obtain the best prices on Translia for their translation projects. They can even get free translation – it sounds incredible but Translia provides free translation by professional translators.

Translia assures timely delivery. Translators always commit to meet the deadlines. In case there are any deadlines slip, clients will be offered with remarkable discounts on translation fee."

Basically, it's an easy to use, simple to navigate website.
Clients can register & know that they aren't getting a shoddy translation, because "Lost in Translation" isn't just a movie, it happens.
Believe me.
I dated a a guy on & off over several years who was originally from France. As luck would have it, I was taking French at the time we originally began to date.
I remember one morning he sneezed & I pulled out my French skills to tell him bless you. I must have been tired, yeah, that's it, because I told him to "stand up"

Another French story, a year after graduation, I was seated next to my 2 sheets to the wind French teacher, at a wedding.
She was a lipstick on teeth, spit when she talks kinda lady who I had a few "back talk" incidents with.
HELLO. You don't NOT let people URINATE ok??? Geeze.
That was awkward. to say the least.

Of course, I still find myself unable to remember the correct translation, as an adult when I look for a French statement or quote, or translation in my daily life, which happens more than you might think.

If your looking for a translator, like I was, at an affordable price for anyone to use, look no further than Translia.

This was a sponsored post, on behalf of Blogvertise and Translia.
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